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Portals, Memories, and Revival

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Hello Caretakers,

As I paced around Berserker's Charge, sometimes visited by the mysterious @samon, I thought about the connection between the Caretakers and the Dead, and what that connection means going forward. I'm sure many of you feel it; we are are about to reach a new dawn in MD. And with that comes new systems--systems that benefit all involved.

Recently I was visited by Azull and he spoke to me about a new method of reviving the Dead.  It involves Grave Wreaths, Heat and Portals.  

Here are the steps:

1. Make a Grave Wreath

2. Give it to the deceased

3. Offer enough heat at the Drywater Temple to open a portal from the Temple to Berserker's Charge

4. The deceased will enter the portal to the Temple and "perform the memory condensation process" there.

This will complete the revival.

And this will further solidify the relationship between between the Dead and the Caretakers.

EDIT: I may or may not use this method.

Edited by Nava

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7 hours ago, samon said:

That's a shame, you would have made a good test subject.

The next will suffice, and I expect the dead to be seen not just as corpses and test subjects. Always remember that you're dealing with people.

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Dont forget Samons on your side, something that can't be said about more than a literal handful of people at the current moment. Youd be better off not getting snippy with him.

I'd be happy to revive Samon, on the simple condition that he doesnt get involved in reviving you via any method.

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I think this method of revival is wonderful. It feels very symbolic, ceremonial and incredibly fitting.

4 hours ago, Fang Archbane said:

Youd be better off not getting snippy with him.

I didn't read what Nava said as snippy, more a valid caution for any scientist using test subjects transcending from this realm to the next.

And besides, samon is a grown up, I'm sure he could tell Nava off himself if he were offended.

It is so difficult to gain true understanding from text communication only, and so easy to see antagonism when there is none.

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Nava, when I speak of corpses  only do so with the greatest respect and when I speak of test subjects, I do so with reasonable respect. After all, good test subjects can be hard to come by :)

Thank you Fang, but I have had plenty of time to speak with Nava, the Lands of the Dead are small after all. We have our philosophical differences, but that is all. I offered Nava help with resurrecting, but the help I offered wasn't the help Nava wanted. He went and found his own way to resurrection, which I can only applaud. As for the offer of revival, I'm not planning on reviving any time soon, though I might have to for a lack of other test subjects, and even if I were I wouldn't take an offer that would prevent me from helping with the revival of someone else.

On that note, this resurrection isn't particularly my resurrection or even exclusive to the Caretakers as a whole. So if anyone finds themselves dead, looking into this might be worthwhile

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