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Aia del Mana

Of Flags of the Inhabitors

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When one should click upon a flag, that should denote of the country from which one should be found, one finds herself shown this code:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function unscramble() in /home/magicdue/public_html/bar/sameplace.php on line 20

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15 hours ago, Blackshade Rider said:

Everyone should just get an MD based flag, vs a country flag. That's my opinion. So GG's get a gg flag and so on. 

I agree. This holds far greater utility, and I identify far more with Necrovion than I do with Canada. I'm sure some others here feel the same about their homeland.

8 hours ago, Fang Archbane said:

I rather enjoy a country flag personally. Let's you spot alts rather easily.

A few days ago I would have agreed with you, but I now see the beauty in allowing one person to express different parts of themselves with different characters. Making them less identifiable would only enrich the game experience. While the potential for abuse is there, I believe those who administrate the game have the necessary tools to see who is whose alt. Plus, alt-abuse is punishable, and no player who wants to be a part of the game would risk it unless they are completely unaware of those who watch.

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You know what, ill meet you halfway. I am against making more work for the wookie, but if this is how you want to play it Nava, ill humor you. We can go ahead and remove current flags for MD flags, sure, why not. However, at the cost of losing my ability to conduct my own research into Alts etc, i suggest we make a Public Alt Checker. Just a simple "place ID here" style clickie. I dont need to be told WHOS alt it is, just a simple yes or no. Thatd give me all the information i need, information i already get on my own.

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