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As topic says, Selling some and others are free. Price minimum is stated next to item. Resources, Avy's, Spell Stones, creatures, common items. All these will come and go. Check up from time to time as i will constantly update when able. Please keep topic to bidding only please. 



5 Toxic Gas - 6sc

2 Skin - 4sc

35 Lonsdaleite Shards - 5sc

28 Pure Gold - 1gc

8 Paper- 4sc

110 Fine Sand - 5sc

7 Rock Salt - 2sc

227 Unidentified Ore - 5sc

6 Syntropic Dust - 4sc

2 Wiiya- 2sc

8 Timeless dust - 3sc

26 Water - 5sc

103 Gems - 5sc

4 Flowers - free

21 Toxic plants -3 sc

23 Unidentified plants - 3sc

8 Aromatic herbs - 2sc

19 Tea leaves - 2sc

88 Clay - 4sc

5 Gravel - 5sc

70 Tree bark - 5 sc

217 Rare Metals - 5sc

10 Pebble - 5sc

44 Uncut Diamond - 5sc

20 Golemus dust- 3sc

74 Bones - 2gc

Sawdust - free

Cup of Cold Tea - free

55 Sticky Goop- 3sc

1556 Iron Ore - 3gc


1 Santa heavy age - 10gc

 2, Root warriors  decent age- 1gc - each 

1 pimp , some age - 10sc

1 Imp , decent age - 10sc



1, BMMO Attack lock spell stone - 10sc

1, BMMO Move lock spell stone - 10 sc


Avatars can be viewed here... Prices are stated in ATC line.....


Avy's and others will be posted later.......

Edited by Blackshade Rider
list update

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7 hours ago, Ledah said:

2 Skin - 4SC

28 Pure Gold - 1GC

2 Wiiya - 2SC

8 Timeless Dust - 3SC

44 Uncut Diamonds - 5SC

Accepted - Comes to 1gc 14sc . a forum pm will be sent to you shortly

7 hours ago, Mercurial Spectre said:

1 gold coin and 4 silver for anni crit

Accepted- comes to 1gc 4sc. a forum pm will be sent to you also 

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21 hours ago, Blackshade Rider said:

Would magicduel accept a trade in goldening my current avy for all my extra gold avys?

If no I'd say 4 gold each 

That service currently isnt available so we wish you well with your avatars.

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