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MD Meeting

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Here's a slightly edited log of the meeting today, full proper log coming from Chew later!

 Chewett: So im going to be changing how I work/code on MD
Chewett: Each month I will set some kind of possible goal,etc, for the week
Chewett: for th e month even
 Chewett: This means each month will have a single objective which I willattempt to coplete,a nd we wont be jumping around stuff
 Chewett: This month will be the fixed quest system
Chewett: There will be 3 main aims to this current month.
 Chewett: The first is to allow a easier to access quest system as the quest page is dire.
Chewett: This is to improve the visibility of quests and allow newbies to more easily find them withot the forum
 Chewett: One of the features will however be to link to a forum post so it wont be removing the use of the forum
 Chewett: The second part will be to publicize some of the internal MD quests such as the Lr guards, BPG and such
Chewett: This will direct people to some of the permanent puzzles. This will also include the new quest chains people are working o
 Chewett: On. It means that if people are less sociable they can do Md quests, espicalyl in the time when we have fewer players around
 Chewett: The third, and most important IMO, will be opening it up to people running their own quests entirely indepent of MD staff.
Chewett: They would be able to add/close/manage/etc their quests
 Chewett: This would let their quests integrate into MD just like the "permanent offical" ones
Chewett: Hopefully these three will also let things like automatically leaving the gateway island rather easy
 Chewett: And reduces the need for people to be around as much, as we dont have many people at the moment
 Chewett: Does anyone have any questions about this months work, or the future plans for working this way?
MRF: wouldnt it make more sense to have a story for the game to build quests off of first? >.<
Burns: Does that mean people can make additions to scenes, probably with a25 features?
Burns: Does that mean people can make additions to scenes, probably with a25 features?
Chewett: What do you mean by a storyF?
Chewett: That would be in the future plans yeah potentially
Pipstickz: Chew, that second answer was in reference to Burns, correct?
Chewett: Yes
MRF: like story mode was... some idea and basic goal to work towards when you first start the game
 Chewett: The first quests, will be kinda like story mode
Chewett: Without creating much lore, etc
Pipstickz: So, is it fair to say elimination of canon lore is a goal for MD?
Chewett: Nope
Chewett: MD has canon lore
Chewett: You think it doesnt?
Burns: less question, more suggestion: you could split the quest page into permanent and player.
Chewett: There would be various filters, difficulty, time, etc
: Pipstickz shrugs
Burns: make the chain quests appear in that section one after the other, have the finished ones tick themselves off :D
 Chewett: Yeah there would be quest chains, and other tuff
 Chewett: Like in the first gateway ones would be shown at the top
Burns: alright :)
MRF: [Spoiler: isn't md about using the story and environs for self discovery like zen?]
 Chewett: The first quests will suggest canon and ideas, while showing them most of the mechanics
Chewett: You first draw in the many players with the mechanics, then you pick out the few with lore
Chewett: Before we did it the other way, and reduced the pool too fast
*Sunfire*: are the adds still running?
 Chewett: Not atm as far as I am aware
Chewett: but maybe they are... not sure
*Sunfire*: *nods* might as well shut them down until that questwork is done
*Sunfire*: once we got a good foundation to welcome them it might be more productive
Chewett: Indeed I think thats fair
 Chewett: With a more automated start which teaches people how it works, I think it should give a decent amount of guidance
 Chewett: Miq is doing wonders but he is one person
Chewett: I think that Mur put him is a crappy position espically with BR and Fang disappearing
 Chewett: But he is wonderful and needs more support
 Chewett: The first couple quests will not just be automatic, they will require getting things from players
Chewett: So it wont be 100% automatic
 Chewett: Afk for 10 minutes while I do washing up
Chewett: The life of a rockstar me ;)
 Chewett: We could bring back PC maybe, but Mur wants gateway to be "the thing"
Chewett: so... not sure
*Sunfire*: let it be "the thing" when we can support it?
Chewett: Thats a fair argument
Pipstickz: So, will requirements for unlocking the quest page change?
 Chewett: As in,adding quests to it?
Pipstickz: Talking about the current requirement of giving 3 WP, or whatever it is
Chewett: The current requirements, are that, or ping me a good quest and I give you access.
Chewett: So no those wont change :)
Pipstickz: So then, will WPCodes start to circulate more, in the future?
Chewett: maybe, are they not circulating as much as you waant?
: Pipstickz shrugs
Pipstickz: Just refering to a hypothetical future with more newbies
*Sunfire*: then there will need to be more quests
Chewett: Probably
*Sunfire*: but looking at the birthday, we are a bit burned out on creating those
Pipstickz: Which chained quests should address?
*Sunfire*: those are fixed, we'll need some originals in between now and then, for ewample to fill the festivals
Chewett: I want to work with someone, or a couple people to implement the first chained quests
 Chewett: using the new quest system
 Chewett: considering th enumber of people I am very happy with the birthday :)
Pipstickz: Why do they need to be original, Sunfire?
Pipstickz: Valoryn's quest is a great example of something tradition-based, rather than original
*Sunfire*: so we vets can do them too?
Chewett: Sorry sunfire, you mean the chained quests?
*Sunfire*: what i mean is quests that are not from the chains and are not reruns of past quests
Chewett: And the gateway quests?
*Sunfire*: i mean quests independent of the chained or gateway ones
*Sunfire*: "normal" playercreated ones
 Chewett: Those could be made permanant?
*Sunfire*: what i mean is that we cant "survive" on the chained quests alone
 Chewett: True true, but if you make a decent number, it can start things off right?
*Sunfire*: ofc
*Sunfire*: it's a problem for long term i guess
Chewett: if people can finish 20+ quests we have shackled them to MD :P
 Chewett: To be less flippant, I hope by then they will be more involved in social aspects of MD
 Chewett: I want to start up some of the monthly things
*Sunfire*: just cant get them to fall into a dark hole afterwards
*Sunfire*: ahh thats good as well, sparking a bit of differeent interests
 Chewett: Indeed, to start with I want to start the HC up every 2 months
Chewett: Minus the medals to start with
: Pipstickz cheers
 Chewett: Anyone have any final comments before I go play some awesomenauts

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