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The Age of Infinity

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In this age of rebirth, the potential for creation has increased exponentially.  But, not only hopes and dreams come to light.  Terrors that have waited to come through this once closed door are now ready to flood into the realm.

This quest is about heroes, villains, and victims.

This quest is about adventures.  

For a long time now, we have ignored the cosmos, looking to the depths of this realm when creation itself was beckoning us from above.

This quest is about you.  It's time to create something from nothing.

Quest Summary:   Create an adventure where the enemies you think up, the mysteries you weave, and the figures from your imagination and roleplay are implemented into MD's lore for future players. 

Your tasks are as follows:

1. Propose a realm-altering phenomenon and attach a mystery to it.  (e.g. a fire has started in Loreroot and cannot be put out despite all attempts to.  It is spreading or e.g. malformed entities--aborations that are spawned from the act of sacrificing a creature are climbing from the depths the Gazebo of Chaos with a desire to destroy or pervert MD to their liking)

2. Roleplay your adventure from start to finish where the "yes and" rule of improve applies throughout. Keep a log of the complete adventure.

3.  Have that adventure put into a story that is suitable for the Adventure Log.  All players who were a part of that adventure must agree to the final draft.

4. Come up with ways that this adventure will have a permanent effect on MD (be it through game mechanics, player powers, politics or essentially anything.  Infinity is your limit.)

Special Requests: 

1. I ask that every player involved in any adventure be awarded a customizable roleplay item of their choice or creation with the description up to them as well.  These items will not have special powers unless deemed deserving by the authority granting them.  The point of these items are to further bring proof to the validity of these adventures through the creation of content in MD--even an item that does not directly interface with game mechanics.

2. I ask the tags be given to those that affect MD as a whole upon completion of their adventures.  These tags will also be created by the players, as well as their descriptions.  Both the tags and descriptions must be approved by an authority on MD lore (i.e. Chewett and/or popular vote with reasoning behind vote). 

3. I ask that upon completion of this quest, a game mechanic that allows for Player Adventure Logs to be submitted to the Adventure Log for review be created.  In addition to that, I ask for the creation of a reviewing board for the AL of active players that come from different political and friend groups.  This group must have exactly three people: all of whom can maintain neutrality in all matters.  That means forsaking MD political affiliations upon being a part of this group.  This team of three must serve ALL of MD, despite friendships, rivalries, and personal interests.  The court system will be used to remove members of this council.  Abuse of power, definable by a court ruling, will send you to MD's prison for a year.  (This is the proposal of this system.  Details are likely to change as the idea is passed around to people, or not.)

4. Chewett's support.


To create a sustainable Adventure Log system that inspires roleplay, adventure, and growth in MD.


This quest will be repeatable with the first task changing every time an individual or group of players repeat the Age of Infinity.

Happy birthday MD!



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