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Kyphis the Bard

Changing of the Watch

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Hello People and Denizens of MagicDuel.

It has been an interesting three years as one of the two leaders of the MagicDuel Archive Land. A lot had happened since 2014 within the realm, and I am glad to have been a part of it all - the expansion of existing lands and introduction of the A2050 tools, the arrival of many brand new inhabitants as well as older ones returning to build new legends, and the many, many quests and festivals that we see each year.

While some periods in MagicDuel's history have been fraught with controversy, I have been happy to see the last few years lack such antics, although it is a shame that this may be due in a large part to the reduced number of new arrivals in the realm to bring fresh ideas, as well as the departure of some of our more... I shall say passionate players from being regularly active.

In the last few years I have worked hard with darkraptor and many others to try and revive aspects of the MagicDuel Archive's as well as the broader realm. Both Aethon and Chewett have worked to revive the external MD Archive website, and it has been good to see new content on there. I have worked with a small team to revive the MD Paper, which unfortunately while we have most of the raw content due to significant delays at the start none of us have been able to find the time to finish editing. With many of your assistance we even managed to increase the ranks of the Archivist Alliance itself and begin laying the groundwork to reintroduce the Legend Speakers alliance, although again unfortunately enthusiasm for this has waned as other projects have arisen.

Outside of our land, there has been much activity with exciting new resources and creatures being introduced, the total revamping of Necrovion, death, and other staples of the MD world, the attempts to revive the Torch Contest and create a new format for that contest, and even just today the opening of a brand new land! As excited as I am and have been by all these developments, I find myself now an observer, not a participant.

My time in MD has, after nine long years, finally come to it's end. I do not mean that I will not be in the realm, as I intend to visit, and visit often, but I will be an observer, not an active participant. While I may help those who come to me for assistance with projects like writing stories for quests, no longer will I be running, organizing, or participating in such quests and events. The other realm calls to me too loud and too often. I've just received a promotion at work, my wife and I are starting up a business of our own on top of my existing work, and we are expecting a baby in July. So I think you can all appreciate that the next few years - and hell, the rest of my life even once things do settle down - is going to be a lot less focused on this realm.

As such, and as discussed a few months ago with darkraptor and Chewett, I hearby abdicate from my position as Chancellor and MDA Land Leader. I wish you all the best of luck in the new year, and I look forward to having new and unexpected things to see each time I come to visit. Who knows - In a few years I may just return again to introduce a fresh mind to MD.

~Kyphis, Bard of the Path

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