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Blackshade Rider

Voice of the Dead

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Hello MD...

As the voice of the dead I will try to help dead people when in need, or keep them company. I will be fluctuating between the living and the dead to do so. Mostly i will be found in the dead already.

I am currently able to revive a few people. Only current dead people. Or i will come to the dead and keep you company as it gets lonely there sometimes. You might start to hear voices and whispers there nowa days.


If you are dead and want to be revived you are asked to pay the 1 gold coin required to use the item and that is all. However if you wished to be revived and can not pay the gold coin for the revive item then i will give you a task. complete the task and i pay for your revival. tasks will vary





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A message for the Current list of Active Dead people :

  • Dragual Monarth
  • Leixer
  • Neno flux
  • Mercurial Spectre 
  • Neno Veliki

And if i missed other names i am sorry,

During xmas Find your way to the gazebo and santa may have the best gift of all for you *wink wink*


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