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Muratus del Mur

Remember me when i'll forget myself

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I can't transcribe into words how I feel... sadly, I don't think anyone could. But I guess that won't stop me from trying...

I have always respected you Mur. I have always admired your mind, and above even that, your soul. My greatest wish is that I can enjoy a six pack of beer with you and one last good talk before I die.

And in case there is some confusion, allow me to alleviate it. You have never wronged me Mur. Everything you ever did for me, by choice or subconsciously, by direct or indirect action... my friend, it was all a gift.

So go ahead Mur. Live life as it was meant to be. And if ever you forget everything, remember this one unchanging truth.

Fang Lycanus Archbane is a better man for having met Muratus Del Mur. Fang regrets nothing of his time invested. Fang took all the hatred with a smile because Mur was always and will always be worth it.

Fang can die happy now, bittersweet as it might be... Because for a few mere years, he knew better. Fang knew Mur.

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Life is an interesting journey, carrying you in all kind of places...and memories keep our selves 'sane'. We're not dogs, to have each day anew, but sometimes it's good to kill some memories.

maybe you can become healthier by letting go.

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When I was logging in today I had a feeling that I have to check the forum. Didn´t do it for a long time. Reading this as the first post which is of interest to me is the answer for my intuition. One thing I just learned in the last week of October is what came into my mind reading your long post.

Go into your heart!

Things are changing very fast on earth and the most important is the way we are living right now. EVERY single person I know had major changes in life in the last 12 months, myself included. Now I learn what I always knew but never put enough awareness onto. Everything starts from the heart and we are what is there. There are ways to reconnect with your heart and reconnect the brain with the heart, this is crucial. If you need a direction to look, take this one. If you don´t find anything ask me, I will give what I have. 

I wish I could be a more direct help for you but as far as I can see right now ... we are really far away from each other no matter what direction I look from.

All the best


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