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Firefox Update makes MD go black --- solution to the issue

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If you use FF and have 49.0.2 (update done on the 20th) for sure you have an issue with the MD scenes turning black.

How to solve it:

Navigation bar: "about:config"
Accept the risks.
Search for "dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled"
Double click to change from "true" to "false"


Thank you @No one for providing the solution!


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1 hour ago, Chewett said:

Its a flash issue then, if you are saying its the scenes?

Yes it is the scenes, the yellow/orange LHO button had additionally a black square as background and the erolin heat had a black background too

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Question, Why was your value true?



The default is actually false which is what you recommend telling people to set.

If you havent been mucking with it, then I can only assume that its been wrongly changed, or at one point firefox decided to change the default from true to false, and your browsers didnt change.

When I installed firefox just now it was already on false.

To confirm, you never modified this value before?

If anyone has a firefox version, or can make one that doesnt work, without manually changing that value information would be good.

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