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Trade Thread

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WTS the following creatures: 2 Root Warriors, reasonably fresh and 2 Sharptears with about a month on them.

WTB a Wind Dragon or Tainted Angien, PM prices.

WTL my Bone Collection, will decide the price by auction, down below. I've included the rough contract, barring prices. It will be leased for 30 calendar days starting after the transfer of the ITC.

Auction will end when I'm happy with the happy with the prices :0



The object of the following agreement is the item
Bone Collection
with the unique ID
and the ability to
gather bones with unlimited uses.
(referred to as 'Item').

The parties agree on a rental fee of [silver, gold, creatures, whatever].

The lease expires 
on [day, year].

The Owner agrees to transfer the Item's ITC code to the Leaseholder once the agreement is finalized.

The Leaseholder agrees to transfer the rental fee once the agreement is finalized.
and to provide the current ITC to the Owner.

The Leaseholder agrees to transfer the Item to the Owner before the end of the expiration date [day, year]
and the Owner agrees to not use the ITC before this time.

The Leaseholder agrees to have the Item taken from him by a Game Admin upon official request of the Owner after the expiration date.

To request Admin assitance for the return of an item, the Owner needs to provide a screenshot of the Leaseholder stating the item name and expiration date in chat as well as the last known ITC.

IX. (optional)
The Leaseholder agrees to pay a penalty of 1 Silver Coin to the Owner for each full day after the expiration date until the Owner receives the Item.



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Mkay Faceless 1 Sharptear for 4sc, I'll be in Willows Shop. Seeing as there isn't too much interest I'll lease the Bone Collection for 1sc a week.

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