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    • By Fang Archbane
      The Compass at Mind Power 7 is broken, or better said not visible.
      I've attached an image for evidence.
      How to replicate:
      Be Mind Power 7
      Open Your Compass

    • By Brulant
      This is in the more info section on the stats page.
      [i]Energetic immunity:[/i]
      The effects of spell damage can also be under the influence of this modifier.

      Is spell damage the same thing as stat damage?

      --If no:
      What's spell damage? I looked through the forum and found no reference to it using the search terms [spell, damage, spell damage, "spell", "damage", and "spell damage"], but I've been known to miss things that are right in front of me. Is it referring to temporary stat drain by a spell?

      --If yes:
      Does Energetic Immunity actually affect stat damage? There are a couple of different types of stat damage and drain, be they spell, item, angry fugitive, or Eon, but I've never seen my Energetic Immunity help me with any of those.

      --If yes and Energetic Immunity doesn't affect stat damage:
      Would it make sense if it did? People, myself included, have been complaining about Eon's stat damage for a while, no, I don't want this to be a rant-about-Eon-topic, and I'm sure that they'd complain about fugitives stat damage too if they got attacked by one for a while. Plus, if Mur keeps releasing new land weapons I'm sure that stat damage would get included in one of them eventually.

      So, I personally think that it would make sense to use an already existing stat to lessen, but not eliminate, the effects of stat damage. Thoughts?
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