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Alliance Bug!


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you know what's the most annoying. My losses only go up every 3-4 loses. Wins never moves, and I need 500 wins to get my warrior papers from library. Honor is almost always at 5000. I lose loyalty really fast though. lol

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I found it!!! Yey for me! I know how the loses counter works! Every time you get a defeat...your counter increases. This is like for regular players. But they have the advantage that their win counter increases also. And it starts to become a major problem. I have 600 more loses than wins....it's not that nice when others want to attack me...

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my loss counter only rise up when alliance attack me and score victorious.
but my win counter never rise up when i won an alliance fight. fighting with nin alliance never change my counter. perhaps the bug dst found only works on older account?

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