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Muratus del Mur

Need feedback on resource production

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This tool i made should help me to setup future combienrs and other things about resource costs, and items in general, much better...or at least thats what i am counting on. I will provide some values i got based on the current data and i need your opinion about these values based on your own experience.

For a period of one week the first column is the item name, the second is the total and the third the average per player:

You are not really interested in the totals, you should compare the average (third column).

You are interested to compare the average with your total over a week. Let me know if they match overall your own progress, NOT what you think it should the progress be. J

ust compare with your own resource aquirement, if you are actually getting that sort of resource or item.

Thank you


Obtained Items
wooden door knob 3 3
wiiya 4 1
white piano key 3 3
water 303 33.67
unidentified plants 62 12.4
unidentified ore 26 8.67
uncut diamond 7 3.5
tree bark 256 42.67
toy sheep 1 1
toy fairy 1 1
toxic plants 47 7.83
toxic gas 2 2
torn cat mask 2 2
tormented soul card 1 1
timeless dust 10 2.5
thin wood sheets 2 1
teleport papercabin stone 1 1
tea leaves 48 9.6
sweet heart 1 1
stress ball 1 1
spicy pickle toy 1 1
spicy pickle 25 12.5
solid stench 7 7
snow globe 2 2
skull 3 1
skin 7 2.33
silver coin 6 6
shade card 2 2
scout card 1 1
rock salt 5 1
resin 177 25.29
red marble 1 1
rare metals 32 6.4
rainwater 10 2
rainbow candy 86 12.29
queen of black hearts 2 2
purple marble 2 2
plush marmoset 2 2
piece of charcoal 1 1
pick up sticks game 2 2
pet rock 1 1
paper 2 2
pack of playing cards 2 1
otherarmy stone 1 1
orange marble 2 2
mulled wine 1 1
mirrorritual stone 1 1
mineral water 15 7.5
micro mask 1 1
memory stone 54 10.8
mechanical heart 1 1
lumber 123 61.5
lonsdaleite shards 4 2
lockinchaos stone 2 1
leather strap 1 1
knator card 1 1
kitty toy 1 1
king of red spades 1 1
king of black hearts 1 1
king of black diamonds 2 2
kids iq puzzle 1 1
joker creature totem 1 1
joker card 1 1
jigsaw puzzle piece 3 3
jack of red spades 2 2
iron ore 261 37.29
invisibility stone 1 1
heretic archer card 1 1
headless skeleton 4 1.33
happy mask 1 1
gum wrapper collection 2 2
green square 1 1
green marble 2 2
grasan ferment 2 2
grasan creature totem 2 2
golemus dust 14 3.5
gold coin 3 3
glue 5 5
glass bauble 1 1
gems 13 4.33
garbage 2 2
g-string 2 2
frank 8 ball 1 1
fossil 3 3
flowers 79 26.33
fishing pole 1 1
fine sand 2 2
fenths 56 14
fat 5 5
f-string 2 2
engraved harmonica 1 1
elemental card 1 1
earfocus stone 1 1
drum 1 1
drachorn card 1 1
door shard 1 1
doll 2 2
death spore 6 1
death fenth 9 3
daimon card 1 1
d-string 1 1
crystal 22 7.33
creepy doll 2 2
columbina venetian mask 2 2
collection of round items 1 1
collection of masks 2 1
coffin 1 1
clown mask 1 1
clay 38 12.67
brown marble 1 1
branches 140 46.67
bottle of bushies wine 2 2
boomerang 2 2
bones 89 22.25
bob the tree pin badge 1 1
blue parrot feather 1 1
blue marble 2 2
black rose 1 1
black marble 2 2
bauta venetian mask 1 1
bat kite 2 2
balloons 1 1
ball of yarn 2 2
ball of tape 1 1
ball 2 2
bag of spices 1 1
ashes 4 1.33
aromatic herbs 51 10.2
aramor creature totem 1 1
aramor card 1 1
apothecary box 1 1
angry mask 2 2
ace of red spades 1 1
ace of black hearts 2 1
a pack of bloodstained cards 1 1
Consumed Items
yellow marble 1 1
wooden door knob 1 1
white marble 1 1
water 1 1
toy box 1 1
toxic gas 3 1
torn cat mask 2 1
token removal gel 7 7
timeless dust 8 4
thin wood sheets 1 1
test item 1 1
syntropic dust 3 1
stress ball 1 1
spicy pickle 44 11
snow globe 1 1
skull 3 1
skin 3 1
silver coin 4 4
sendtolighthouse stone 1 1
resin 1 1
red marble 1 1
rainbow marble 1 1
purple marble 1 1
movelock stone 1 1
mirrorritual stone 2 2
micro mask 2 1
memory stone 5020 1004
lockinchaos stone 2 2
heat stone 4 2
headless skeleton 3 1
happy mask 2 1
green marble 1 1
grasan creature totem 4 4
gold coin 1 1
glue 3 1
fenths 24 12
death fenth 6 1
columbina venetian mask 2 1
clown mask 2 1
cardboard box 2 1
brown marble 1 1
bmmo silver gift 1 1
blue marble 1 1
black marble 1 1
bauta venetian mask 2 1
balloons 1 1
ball of yarn 1 1
ball of tape 1 1
ball bearing 1 1
ball 1 1
aramor creature totem 2 2
angry mask 2 1
a pack of bloodstained cards 2 1
  1 1


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1. can you just show separately the resources ? Mixing them with bought items ... has no relevance

2. can you add a table header ? I got it , it is total & average ... but what ? Total since the tool ... maybe , but a date would help. And ... average ... based on what ?

Let me explain myself with this example : it is written for water : 303  / 33.67 ... what does that mean ?

  • 303 water yesterday or last week or since you started counting???
  • 33.67 ... that is about 1/9 of 303 ... but what does that mean ? that 9 ppl gathered ? it was over 9 days ?

Some small details would help a lot.

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I stand to correct myself.

I found : spicy pickle   25   12.5 

So, this is a clear average over 2 ... something. Does that mean that it does the average on gathering item ? I doubt that someone else then Syrian is creating pickles .

--- later edit:

It seems that Dan Planewalker is also creating some pickles. So, the average is per player. But still .. what is the time period ?

Edited by No one

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Mur, it is slightly unclear to me. Are you simply interested in the number of resources in our inventories, or how many we actively gather on average? I could provide both, but they would be quite different.

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On 6.5.2016 at 2:35 AM, Muratus del Mur said:

Menhir enlighten us all how you consumed 3800 memory stones, lol...you built a memory wall ? :))

Azull, 545 stones, on WHAT,

i became very curious, thanks

To become like a "Menhir" you need a lot of stones. I´m unsure if I already reached that goal but 3800 looks like I dedicated myself to the task.

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Since I don't really focus 100% on gathering, my pace may be a bit more relaxed. Here are things I harvest and approximate weekly (7 days) values:

Skull: ~3 (this is very skewed, I think I have the biggest single pile of skulls in MD. Don't use as reference.)
Lumber: ~100
Resin: ~120
Tree Bark: will start keeping count now and update.

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On May 7, 2016 at 9:48 PM, Muratus del Mur said:

so nobody can compare the averages with his own values?

The only resource I gather regularly is bones... Around 70 / week.

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About 10 to 15 plants a week... So far

2/5 if what I harvest is tea leaves (those numbers were from when I did it out of 10 resources collected total)

1/5toxic plants

1/5aromatic herbs

1/5 unidenified herbs

(Will double check my notes when I get home, i may have tea leaves and unidentified plants switched)

Below are from when 30 resources were collected.

Aromatic herbs 9/30

Toxic Plants 7/30

Unidentified Herbs 9/30

Tea Leaves 5/30


So the amounts of herb types varies... I am still working towards 100 and higher amounts to get more accurate data. 



Edited by Assira the Black
to update my data collected.

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This starts to be really frustrating tbh. Somehow, if there is no clear reward involved, the general population IQ drops dramatically. I asked a simple question and formulated it in multiple ways, so that if you don't get it the first time you will understand it the second time. I will explain one more time what this is about, but i give up counting on such feedback...it seems its way too complicated for you to do such a simple thing, and my nerves are not really ok rught now to be able to have more patience. Its ok, i will obtain the info i need in other ways, thanks for trying anyway.


What i wanted to know is, how many resources you get over a one week period. For example, if you collect water on a regular basis, i wanted to know how much water you got in the last week. Not how much you could get, or how much you should, or that you don't, etc etc etc..No...just your own personal and practical, non theoretical, total, over one week.


Very complicated indeed *sarcasm*

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I think the reason why you did not get more feedback is that we don't have enough regular gatherers in each category. My feedback would be all zero, wouldn't help you much, right? Would probably be easier to find people if you asked for specific resources. This is tiresome but more systematic way. Just my 2 cent.

Edited by Eara Meraia

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(Eara posted while I was writing, now I have to rewrite my stuff)

As she said, there are only a few 'regulars', and I don't think most of them would like to make the numbers public :)) After all, there's still resource militia and depletion issues around...

And Miq's reply shows how most of MD deals with resources - if we need them, we deplete them :)


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Actually, the answer is simpler then that: those that really do the work don't know. We just do it and the amounts gets mixed.

Will you be happy if I make it public that I gathered about 200 water in 2 days ? or about 100 herbs in those 2 days ? Well ... I can't say it. I am not sure.


On the other hand ... there is that thing about those involved ...

1 hour ago, Muratus del Mur said:

Somehow, if there is no clear reward involved, the general population IQ drops dramatically.

... the IQ didn't dropped that much to see the question as DUMB. When you have access to logs & logging or even better : create logs,  ... you pretend to want help from others to get how much is gathered ? really ? When you can do a list of every single moment one of us even pushed a button ? Sorry.

You said we were idiots for gathering with no purpose ... well, that's how we liked to play. You messed the system and again you left it unfinished.

You clearly stated that you don't want care what other want ... well we just want to play, to play a game we enjoyed to play.

So, get you IQ a reality check with general population's and don't cock off, you're not that bright either.



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Idk if this will help you, i'll post it anyway

This is how many of a resource you can collect per day when the resource was at 100% and if you want the resource to be at 100% the next day


  • i dont guarantee that i didnt miss some
  • only scenes one can access rather "easily" taken into calculation
  • the numbers are a bit off because a source with only 1 wont be 1 the next day
  • also contains old values of NC
  • Rain refills Water sources, so on days with rain you can collect more Water
  • theoretical values, if someone depletes you obviously cant harvest reasonably the next day



Memory Stones Herbs mineralore Skull Lumber Resin Water Branches Tree Bark Mineral Water
Sum 21 220 358 2 25 33 77 60 40 16

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IMO, before this degenerates further:

I think Mur could obtain some sort of logs and average them and magically (because let's face it, codework is magic to me) obtain a value rather than ask us all for our opinion.

I sincerely don't mind it though. I didn't exactly understand at first what was wanted, but then it was clear:How much and what resources do you gather on average in a week.

The average could be very, very skewed because some people are extremely focused on some resources. So maybe this was just for people who don't harvest for a living to voice their opinion(?). I guess this could also be done with code-magic? I don't know. I don't think this whole thing was such a bad idea or something to get so snarky about.

@Muratus del Mur - As Eara and Ungod said, I think it's just that very few people actually harvest enough to be able to say they harvest at all - and therefore didn't feel like this topic was for them, and some of the heavy harvesters just didn't want to divulge their values for various reasons. Don't take it personally :) 

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