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ok, i thought about it, here is my conclusion.

First of all, because this is a major concept in md and fine-tuning it by picking the right words is essential and of long term impact, i will reward this. In general i reward wishpoints or gold for such things, but this implied little effort but more like a spark of inspiration, it will be gold.

Assira the Black suggested the name Fenth, I realised that fenth, by their definition, ARE exactly this but without identity.

Adding identity to a fenth creates exactly what i am looking for.

The name capsule remains as a codename for this, because it is more clear what it does technically, it encapsulates information.

Check this out:

You obtail fenth with the reality coagulator, its description states: " Reality Coagulator tool description says: "Device capable thorugh its design to create fenths capsules. Reality receives a shell so parts of it can be contained in raw, unrealised form."

Afenth is a capsule!, so a creature-name capsule would be a creature-name Fenth indeed.


Fenth are: " Primordial formations that store elemental bricks of information. Fenths are the "stem cells" of reality. "

So yeah all this fits perfectly.

There is one issue however. I am afraid of what might happen with the cauldron when using a creature fenth because fenth are set to be universal replacements of any ingredient. I guess we will find out one day.



Assira, i will transfer you a couple of gold coins as soon as i see you in-game. remind me.



----ignore below, its for my own reference ----

Creature  Capsule - sounds like pill
Creature Imprint - similar to spells, implies memory stones maybe
Creature  Memory - potential concept conflict with memory stone
Creature Essence (miq) - alchemic style, implies two more ingredients
Creature Soul (assira) - debateable if crits have a soul or are a soul
Creature [name]  Fenths (assira) - implies use of fenth and individual fenth per crit type
Creature Silhouette  (junior) - implies use of secondary item maybe creature soul



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With regards to the last half of this (though to be honest i m not sure if what we learned in storymode can apply to the game anymore or not) we have to imbue creatures with parts of our soul, the ve, the vp etc, it seemed to me like they were inert things that needed more to become fully alive almost like a toy but we supply the batteries. (i also understood this to be why there were so few npcs)

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I studied fenths/fenths presses through the research points and found the information there to be interesting. I chose creature fenths, since fenths were the 'stem cells' of reality or the building blocks. Fenths are a by product of sacrificing some creatures, so to me fenths are in away are already parts of a blueprint to the creatures. 


I did not however know the description for the Reality Coagulator and did not make that connection. 


So part of it, I made a connection, the other part was an idea that just crossed enough that I felt it worth mentioning. 





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Rather than fenths I believe this to actually be wiiya. Fenths are matter stripped of identity, energy, anything else, that's why it could be anything. Wiiya on the other hand is pure identity, stripped of all matter or energy. Hence wiiya is the blueprint, while the fenths are the building blocks.


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Right now wiiya can be harvested using wiiya bubbles given out by Rophs during seedwalks. The only uses I can remember right now are making Grasans produce resources, but there might be more I can't think of.

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*Shamelessly hijacks the thread*


And my marble in a nutshell item should collect wiiya if you would be so kind to lower the cooldown...

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