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Hmm, after very close consideration and overnight thought, I'd nominate Nimrodel, (sorry MRF, gotta go with gut over loyalty this time)

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In an unprecedented turn of events, Loki has decided to allow both participants.


The quest is awarded to Nimrodel AND MRF. This decision has by its very nature changed the parameters of the quest.


Well done with all of your pot banging and behind the scenes wrangling, you've obviously made an impact. Thank you to all those who got involved and voted.


You will each be contacted when you least expect it. No sooner. No later. When the time comes, whether you choose to participate now that you have been nominated is entirely up to you. Loki is not time constrained and is bound to no common rules of form. 


Anyone still wishing to join the planning team can contact me via PM in game - you may remain anonymous to all but myself if you so choose.


This thread can now be closed.


Thank you again.



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