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MD Script Library - a collection of useful codes

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One of the major issues for me when it comes to making clicky quests is the fact that I need to code it. Yes, the documentation is useful but you either spend quite some time learning the language either you're by default a programmer and you already know how and what. For most it's hard to integrate the already existing pieces into one coherent and working block.


So I was thinking that maybe we should have templates for quests where you only change the variables name, links to your own pics (if it's the case), player ids and so on. Basically you don't go through the hassle of re-thinking the whole process and you just...fill in the gaps.


We can start with 1 or 2 templates and as people develop their skills or new knowledgeable people join or players that already code quests get new ideas and code more quests, the library will grow. I am sure we'll get many more quests this way because once you have the code it's only a matter of ideas and maybe some Photoshop/gimp/whatever skills (not even those) to design a quest.



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Have you seen http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/forum/169-sample-code-section/ ?

But otherwise I like the concept


Yes, I know that section. But as I said for most it's difficult (or they don't have time to do it) to put together those blocks and create a quest because you have one sample for timing a quest then you have a sample of implementing whatever key etc etc. Not all know how to match those. But if you have a template where all you need to do is change few parameters it is much much easier.

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Newbie point of view:


I agree with dst, as being new to coding in general it has been hard to piece things together to get a quest to run without errors, even after learning the basics of php. I feel like doing a victory dance each time I get something to work. One of the most difficult things to piece together is the md storage system. By using someone else s code I am some what able to store and look at some information. But still have trouble understanding how to tweak it without errors.


Beyond the php script I learned the basics, I have no background in coding, computer science, or anything like that. So there are times I do not understand how to phrase a question to get help or I do not understand the answer given. And knowing the basics of something does not mean I know how to use php script in different situations much less translate it into mdscrpt.


Mdscript code section on the forums is incomplete and is not newbie friendly. It is assumed that there is some level of knowledge. For some of the code that is posted... My eyes glaze over as I try to understand what it does and some of it is in php script. For those that are in php script there are parts that I am not sure how to translate into mdscript.



I am doing a bit better than I was in the beginning. But there are still a lot that I do not know or have no clue where to start the coding for a particular quest because it is not covered in the forums... or piece of it is but combining the pieces to get it to work is a long process. 

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