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Deleting Friends


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Okay, I needed to delete a friend from my little list, because I was just experimenting with it. I saw that it costed 20 ap and 5xpl which i took to mean EP. At any rate, I had just logged in and had 67/100 AP, and 30/30 EP. I deleted the friend, and had 47/100 AP, but 62/30 EP. o.O And i've refreshed several times. I actually do have 62 EP. Curious, no? o.O

hmm...so i just tested it again, while i still had the same stats before the timer reset... and i now have 27 AP and 42 EP. o.O I want to know what it's trying to do here...

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Okay, I did it again, just to grab a screenie for ya:


As you can see, the required 20 AP is taken, but the 5 EP is...well, not taken to say the least. and actually this number is always different I noticed.

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I did it twice in a row, and so did Glai. And I actualyl did it three times in a row. After the first time it starts just zapping twenty EP.


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Hmm, well at Ren's prompting, I tested it out myself. It really does seem like a bug, and an odd one to me. I took screenies with my great foreseeing powers, so I'm posting them with wonderful explanation.

1) post-1556-1214382386_thumb.jpg 2) post-1556-1214382437_thumb.jpg 3) post-1556-1214382542_thumb.jpg 4) post-1556-1214383053_thumb.jpg

1) my original stats: 94 ap and 30 xpl; you can also see my friends list (in the next two screenshots I delete Lulu, Metal Bunny and phlegmtheorem in order )

2) now I have 74 ap, which is right and fine as deleting friends is supposed to take 20 ap, but I also gained 59 xpl. O_O That's quite a lot... esp. considering I wasn't supposed to gain any at all but lose 5.

3) once again, I lose 20 ap. I expected to gain 50 xpl, but I instead lose 20. The screenshot looks like it cut off the bars in two places; in case it's hard to read, the 54/100 bar is "Action points," and the bar under "Exploring points" is supposed to be 69/30.

4) after Ren mentions losing 20 xpl each time he does it more than once in a row, I try after the counter resets and gain 20 xpl.

Ren's tested a couple of times. He tried 4 times in a row, and after the first one (gained 65 xpl, shown in first screenshot in his post) he kept on losing 20 xpl. I think that this stops once the counter resets, although I only tested it once.

It also seems like the value you gain is random for the first removal. Although for the last two times I gained/loss a multiple of ten, the first time I gained 59, a prime number. Ren says got 67 (or something similar) and 42 once each.

EDIT: fixed some errors X) ty to Ren for pointing out that I gained 59, not 50.. *needs to start wearing glasses again* I also took a look at the screenshots and noticed that the bars in the third one were cut off in some places.

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I notice that the -20 happens only after the first time. But, after the reset, it chooses a new number to add and starts dropping 20 from there again. this last time I only gained 6 so I had 36/30 EP. The AP is subtracting as it should still

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