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I'm hijacking this topic, everybody freeze!

This idea is kinda just a waste of time, but it sounds fun, so I'm sharing it (in spoilers, for those who don't want to bother):



How about a walking tresure keeper? It would be a regular npc, but every time you give it something, it would 'run' to hide the stash (either by a rule/algorithm, or a premade route - ex. MB shop-knator house-winds sanctuary-oak tower-etc). Reason is, creatures and other items would be donated to a TK, but for lower items, or even silvers, why not give it to a 'walking' treasury? (main worry here is it can turn into a walking junkyard lol). Each year, the loot would be added to the treasury of TK and the bot would be emptied.

yea, kinda useless, but it sounds fun in my head



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I like it and I raise you another useless but fun in my head idea: how about instead of giving the items to TK, some sort of a raffle is organized (there are way too many possibilities to list here regarding on how to draw the winners) and one or several people walk out with a bunch of goodies or a huge load of junk :D

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