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Muratus del Mur

how its called the electronic module that reduces frequency?

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I am trying to build something (takes me up to 4-5 hours to fall asleep, but only if ikeep myself occupied with stuff not work related)/...and for this ..something... i need to map a large frequency range, as large as possible, lets say from  x up to 3Ghz, ad translate it into frequency in audible range. I am interested to group together the waves. sample it, idk how its called,,,you tell me.


In the end i want to be able to output the result and hear the pulses and whatever noise i get from condensing the high frequencies into lower frequencies. Accuracy is not imporant, and i am aware most of the data will be lost, its natural, you convert from a lot to just a few.


An electric or even a logic (programming) method might work, i am coding an arduino to do that, so either i need a module that i hav no clue how it should be named, or i do it from soft, and i cant image how exactly.....I pefere a module


A simpler example, to convert ultrasounds into audible sounds (i just need a lot higer frequency, but same concept like for this) Anyone any ideea?



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Well, there's resampling, but that typically is used to refer to adjusting the bitrate of the audio. Only other thing I can think of is a frequency modulator? No idea if that's what you're actually looking for though.

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look at




Heterodyning principle

make an "sin"  (pure single frequency not square or other shape) oscillator at a frequency yu chose

and an cirquit tha multifly that with you other sigal (an nonlinear thing like diode circuit or something more sofisticate)

the result is  2  banswith of frequencies :signal frequencies  + oscillator frequency
and bandwith of frequensy : signal frequencies - oscillator frequency

now make an low filter or an band filter to take only the part you want of bandwith frequwncy: signal frequencies - oscillator frequency

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