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Muratus del Mur

Buying pet rock and emotions - 1g

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i offer one gold fixed price for a pet rock or a bottled emotions item


The pet rock is because i want to build a rock herd and raise them, i dislike raising wild rocks, they don't move much, they don't eat, they look so apathetic .

The bottled emotions are for a devious plan, of course, what else, sell them on your own risk..


ps. i am aware these items are either undervalued or overpriced, but because i don't have much time to trade, i placed a fixed price for them, who wants it, fine, who doesn't also fine.



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i will throw in a bonus for the effort.

The thing is that i read forum many times from phone and i will forget to do what requested, but if i am ingame i am for sure at the computer and i will deal with it imediately




and don't worry , your rock will be on good hands

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A little short changed for cash and risk is a thing I am into. I will sell you my bottle of emotions if we find each other in game some time. I am sort of interested to see what kind of plans you have.

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