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Selling Creatures for Credits/Items

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I don't train anymore, but have a relatively large collection of rare creatures that some might find more useful than I. This will not go in typical auction fashion but you can pm me or leave a message in this thread if you're interested. I am willing to sell/trade them for an agreed upon sum of credits or in some special cases rp/non-rp items.


Morph - 1412 age 18 tokens [spoiler]claw2,claw1,stardust,antifreeze,blackdiamonds,goldtear,emeraldglare,firedrop,purpurfog,onyxfangs,darkshield,blacktear,darksky,sunshine,goldbelt,claw3,blooddrop1,blooddrop2[/spoiler]


Morph - 1352 age 0 tokens


Rein - 1659 age 20 tokens



Rein 1411 age 19 tokens



Angien 1577 age 20 tokens



GG 837 age 0 tokens



I also have a couple of sharpies, a soulweaver, and a couple of santas(one heavily tokened) if anyone is interested.


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  • Fake White Beard
  • Feather boa
  • First Rosette
  • Glass of Spoiled Milk
  • Grain grinder
  • Grease ball
  • Haletosis rag
  • Iron chain link
  • Knitted tree jacket
  • Lime scaled piping 
  • One Sock
  • Piece of frosted glass
  • Pinkish muffler
  • Plant fibers
  • Quarter Staff
  • Right sign
  • Rug tassel
  • Spoonless
  • Sticky Rubber Roach
  • Tassels

And 30sc for the GG

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