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Secret Santa Gift Exchange

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I haven't fully hashed this out, as it is a thought I just thought and I want to toss it out to the community and see if this is maybe a viable thing, or if people are interested.


I know Christmas is a little more than a month away, however, that gives plenty of time for planning. : )

Anywho, I was thinking it would be pretty cool to do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange deal.  My thoughts are as follows:

*Would need the person who has the Santa Account involved, if that is possible for this, for the anonymity of it all*


* Participants would put their selves on the list, and what they are interested in MD wise.

* Interests must not be of something unattainable, but something doable, with current mechanics and potential creation of mechanics.



And.. that's about it. I think Secret Santa is pretty straight forward, no?

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When I put this thread up, I didn't realize there were plans in the works already for a new rendition of Eara's Tombola.


I am cancelling the Secret Santa Exchange so as to remove redundancy. But please keep a look out for the clicky tombola as I think it would be great fun.  : )


Thank you guys.

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I won't be doing anything inside of MD until 2015 and thus will neither be coding a clickie for this quest nor doing it manually via ForumPM. Somebody else needs to do this if it is to be done.

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