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Far away in a place where people knew how to mediate problems there was a meeting.

  • If someone's being an asshat then let's punish them
    • How do we punish them?
      • Embargo!
      • Ban them from our quests!
      • Add them to our ignorelists!
    • But wait how long do we do this for?
      • Well we can't do it forever can we?
      • No we can't! But how do we know when to stop?
      • I guess if they start being a part of the community again...
      • Good idea! But will they have a chance to?
      • Perhaps not depleting would be a step in the right direction...
      • Yes!
    • Guys guys guys wait! Most of this is subjective, how do we prevent that from ruining stuff?
      • Majority rules?
      • Take turns acting as a sort of executive-officer-for-the-week but all decisions of the officer have to be ratified at a bi-weekly meeting by a simple majority but in the...
      • Stop quoting monty python!
      • Hey, he's onto something but how would we only allow members of the organization to vote?
      • We could send eachother letters... but I guess we couldn't be anonymous
      • Have the votes only public WITHIN our ranks
      • What if I leakem?
      • Then we punish you!
      • Do I get kicked out too?
      • Well.. umm yessss?


Hello my name is Rophs and I'm going to form a dumb club where we don't like asshats. We'll ban them from our quests and not trade with them. Because it's my club I can decide if you can join or not but eventually we'll probably get more organized. Let's start with a simple definition of asshat... somebody who depletes resources. But the 1/1 memorystones shouldn't count. Nor should other 1/1 resources. That's it for now but if the people in my club think you're a buttface when we'll punish you!


I'm the only member right now...

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