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Forum Bug?!?!


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Every time i clicked post reply the screen would mess up and instead of the pictures being there eg the header and smileys and stuff it would show a grey area and i couldn't click post reply... dont know if it happened to anyone else, but i thought that was worth mentioning.

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i only can use the fast replay butun, the onthers make the page so huge that you can't fiend nothing in it

at lest you can post new topics, i have to post in others

i presentet my problem in the topic stuck at paper cabin

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I didn't have this problem with Firefox, but I do have it on IE. I heard from some other player (not sure who) that you can stop the whole page from going blank by stopping the loading once it has loaded the box to type in, etc. If you let it load all the way, then it becomes blank for some reason. I might change to the other skin just to save the trouble, though.

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