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Research - Worst part of MD?

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Currently your issue is: you expect full clear answers but get subtle hints or "spoiler!" comments only, hence you are not satisfied. Don't expect, instead focus on reaching that position where people come to you with questions about the research and expect you to be the one knowing answers. Prove yourself worthy of the knowledge. There's a reason we "do research" and not "speak/talk/ask/say research".


Before when I was asking about such things, while providing my views on several subjects, I was met with "It's a spoiler" only. Did you even read what I said? I said now that I'm older, it's better, and instead of being met with 'it's a spoiler' I'm met with hints, or actual discussion. Which is great. Why don't you read my post again? 


I have learned that you can only really get anywhere, in research, in game, and so on, by asking. But the 'it's a spoiler' environment many newbies grew up in was not conductive to getting people to ask questions.


In your case, Change, honestly from what I have observed since a long time and talked to you many times about, is that you are focused more on the people and yourself, rather than the research subject itself. You want to please people and please yourself, not contribute to the research. That's not how it is and is probably the reason you often feel frustrated.



Can someone who wants to develop a cure for various diseases to help people not research things? Are the scientists who got into science so that they could discover things that could help people any less researchers than those who do it simply for fun/a job? I'm sure if the researchers who want to help people knew that their research wouldn't help people they wouldn't have done it in the first place. For example, Einstein deeply regrets the atomic bomb.


I care about research because the results of said research can be used to do things or be used to make better informed decisions. I do not research simply for the sake of knowing something that someone else doesn't know. I wish to contribute to research that I, or others, believe will be useful in potential new applications. If I just wanted to please people, I'd become an entertainer. I do research to please people by helping people, yes. But I can only help them with the research by actually contributing to the research.

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