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Ary Endleg

Voting reminder

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I gotta say, this is a good idea. I try to do the free credits but often forget, either because enough time hasn't passed since the last time, or just because. however, I do always check the announcements when it's lit up. Good Idea Ary!

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Congrats, you beat the highest reputation content record :))

As a note, this comment is A kinda spammy and B false lol.

The highest reputation count is 29.

This is also spam.

Also, big thanks to Chewett for spending his time coding said feature... Oh wait thats me :P

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Yush! After almost 2 years it got implemented! Yes, yes I know hue is Bordeaux red instead of bright Mur red but I guess we will have to settle for it. Thankies Chew.


Yeah almost beat the highest rep count but the 29 rep post had peak population I believe, so... it doesn't really count? :p


Anyway... moved to Implemented Ideas

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