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Bashaw Steel


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I hear a dog's barking, and it's slowly fading

I hear birds' singing, and it's slowly fading

I hear a newly-born's crying, and it's slowly fading

I hear a cry for help, and it's slowly fading

I hear the drums of war, and it's slowly fading

I hear a sword unsheating, but it's slowly fading

Which is more real - the sound of the world or the sound of my thought ?

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As i was strolling in MD yrsterday, i saw Metal Bunny at GoE. My first thoughts?

Grab it, nab it, maim it, stab it

skin it, clean it, like you mean it,

Dry it, fry it, forget diet,

Omigosh, thay bunny riot!

Meeeeetal bunny! Yumm!

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chicken at kfc
tis my fault ofc
drown with hot saucy
wow no mercy

one should eat salata
and be a vegetable
then it's worse
cause you'd kill me
in a second
without a second thought

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Some say that our flesh is more of a prison to a soul than it is a home. Sometimes, however, spirit refuses to bend

and burns ever stronger through the iron bars of our lives. Sometimes, its not about flesh, its about host...

This one was/is for you, kid:) May you rejoin MD better than i ever did..

Who has the soul full of tiny cracks

Through which golden sheen flows

Who has within those unborn stars

…In space of guilty and remorse


I see the sky, full of footprints

A shining traces of once daring child

Leading into mountain carved in Steel

A home?

 Or a prison, for its golden sheen…


Where beats heart that is one with the Sun

Somewhere deep, hidden and enclosed

Where is the child that stands for her dreams

And golden sheen flows…

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Whining (of mine)


the world of madness

would be more than it's talent

yet the evolution and sadness

crunched your visage to what it was


winking all along while lecturing

as if the degradation would give thee power

so wrong would be normal

to how not quite to be human

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(Just some further flexing muscles don't mind it.) 

fire wall
dog shark

rage nigh
bright fair

u'll say

i don't care

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I wanted to create an epic like Tennyson or Auden but it turned to a half baked spaghetti, for what its worth, enjoy.

rolling from the ship
with my half-smile running away from you
in the middle of the storm
who's like an animal mirroring the sun
not different than the grass
that a frog can't understand why
the depression bludgeons it too
you grab my ankle at the raging river crossing
my clear vision
is awkward at socializing
a half rotten soul
sparkling down the river of
our blind hate and barren
which i only want to make
a color too distinct
with no relations to anything anymore
the universe creaks to
image of a tree if you will
and i see you fail
i wanted you to fail
i guess i took my stance
you aren't wrong
also not a friend of billion years
who causes doubt to get scraped
by it's steel hinges and rollers
which i can pinch like a bruised wound
hey even if you
heal you are bruised enough
and remind it of misery
a warning to its rotten
forming image that i can heal
without the balance
in lieu of thanks

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Heart shards

Pain indescribable, that loss, that loss.
My heart shattered to pieces, and
splintered inside the cavity of 
My chest - sprinkles of irritation
Causing agony in disparate turns
as whimsically as pins and needles.

Torment unimaginable, that loss, that loss.
Mind retracing, what ifs and why did I's,
Unending anguish of an unforgiving,
unkind and irrational conscience.
All thoughts racing wildly, too many
Until an end is begged for, please stop.

Time immeasurable, that rebirth, that rebirth.
Soul completing, the fragments coalescing,
piece by piece, fragment by fragment.
Self worth and confidence appear, tenacious
and renewed with all the doubt dispersed.
Now unafraid, the future faced anew.

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You are the wise
And that wolverine
like philosophy and thought system

when i ever say anything
the sound is warped
for the swarm

...too lazy  :((


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