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Volition - How much have you gained?

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calculating volition potential increase is of no use actually, i could have done that in the first place, but i need numbers that are accurate with the current activity in md, not theory.

Chew i think your calculations are wrong ( it think). you get increased volition only if first time you lower a maxed visc location not each time.


Of course with enough motivation to grind volition the numbers would be a lot higher and even exceed "theory".. but the base numbers to consider for a skill that is not yet motivating people anyhow are correct based on the received feedback.


if you wonder why i insist so much that these numbers are so useful... it is because i want to make the requirements increase exponential not linear, that will make grinding volition give a smaller advantage than achieving it throught normal walking. It is experimental, i am just analyzing data, don't want to argue with anyone, not setting any values for anything yet, just getting a first impression of this new skill increase rate.

Experiment step 2:

First person to reach 1000 volition will get a Drach.

First person to reach 500 volition will get 3 Gold.


Once you get it make a screenshot and post HERE (mods please do not close the topic as i initial asked)

If you go for the 500 points you can't participate in the 1000 points..so once you reach 500 you have to decide fast if you aim higher or stop at 500 and claim the lower prise.


The winner is the one that posts first in this topic, i don't care if you reached it earlier but you posted later.


Lets see how motivation influences volition grinding compared to normal gain.


Good luck.


ps. Once a winner is decided, those of you that aimed for the reward please post what numbers you achieved at the time someone else got the 500 or the 1000.

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That's without grinding either.... obviously.  :cool:


Activity days: 89% (A total of 1013 out of 1143 days)


(edited to include StoreNow link!)

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So to update:


AD are now 1786 (that's 140 days later)

Volition is now 18.4! (a lofty 16.98 points gained, vwoot!)

Not actively grinding, although I do travel a lot (not a big fan of teleporting, I'd rather walk if I'm able to)


*cough* >.>

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