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[WP quest] Make your own role

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This is a reminder that the quest will end next tuesday, You can still participate if you haven't done it. I"m also looking for more judges, because the more I got the better the rewards will be distributed. :)

And good luck to everybody already participating.

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The judging is still going on, but I want to ask a favor from my participants. Their is a voting up for my quest in the "quest voting" tab of MD. Would you like to vote on my quest and tell what you like/disliked of it? Thank you.



The voting for my quest will end at 16th October.

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Its more than one and a half months rikstar. Neither do you provide a suitable explanation for not releasing the results nor do you respond to any question asked regarding that in the forum. This is heights. If you cant release the results on time then don't create such quests which need exhaustive judgment. Same thing happened the last time. I had to literally goad you to release the results. I see you log on in the game everyday. If one of your judges is not able to judge, then reduce the number of judges by one. Or you judge on their behalf. At least respond to people when they are asking you questions in the forum. I am tired of bugging you in game and receiving some sort of vague reply about you being lazy. Ignoring stuff like this... I am sending one formal requisition to the quest creators committee regarding releasing quest results on time. This is called trolling the questers. I am very very disappointed in you.

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This is a good case, like the forum death quest, where some quest judges are probably/hopefully holding up the proceedings but no information is being fed back. If there is something wrong, say so, we wont mind. But if we see nothing we dont know whats going on, or if you are ignoring it, and it is frustrating.


I have also contacted rik ingame to ask he look into this, but i you are running a quest it should be your duty to keep the participants informed.

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Sorry, for not saying something about this for so long. I really apologize, and it should not have been this long. I first want to tell about why I started this quest; to tell the story from the beginning. Because I think you, the participants and especially Nimrodel, deserve an explanation for my behaviour.

It started with an impulse idea for a quest. I don’t know if you remember, but there was some drama around Mur favouring some players. The idea came from that, that’s why I mentioned in the quest to write why Mur should like your idea. My first mistake was made to set the deadline, the deadline was about 2 months; if I remember correctly. I still haven’t got a clue on what I was thinking back then about that deadline.

Right before the deadline I had a conversation via PM with Dst. Some question from her part which are not important for this message, but she also asked how it was judged. So here comes my second mistake which was not thinking about how it should be judged. I did not really think about it till then; the idea before was to do it all myself. But that would have been to biased, so I said that it would be judged by others. At that point I had nobody to judge with the deadline in sight.

With the help from some really nice players I found some judges, I think that I found some after the deadline. I send them the entries, at this point it was waiting from my side to get a message back with the grades for every participant. I didn’t gave them strict rules on how to judge. But my third mistake was to not give them a deadline, or something similar on which I would like to retrieve it.

As time ages on I slowly started to forgot it, which was pretty stupid from my side. I never heard from some, which is not their fault since it was all voluntary. But what I should have done, was to take initiative and ask about it frequently; maybe finding new judges? My RL wasn’t helping me with this, since I had a pretty busy time with school and my job. But in my opinion I had time enough to do something about this project, which is the sad part of the story.

I think that it is also important to tell, that I wont’be doing quests like this in the future. Because I’ve learned from this and my previous quest experience, that I don’t have the willpower to keep interested in it. My mind gets interested in something else and forgets it. This is something I really want to change about myself.

So what whill happen with this quest? I came up with a simple solution that Syrian suggested a little while ago, which I should have done earlier. I got the grades ready, but I will make it public when I get a reaction back from the TK about the reward distribution. So expect that later this week, or within a few days.


I want to apologize again to all the participants and other players involved in my mess.

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1, Dante Lionheart
2, John Constantine
3, AckshanBemunah
4, Nimrodel
5, Aelis
6, Eara Meraia
7, Dst
8, TheGreatPashweetie
9, Vasilemacel
10, Rophs
11, Darkraptor


First, second and third all get an angien, and everybody gets silver coins based on how they're ranked (1 coin for last, 2 for second last, all the way up to first).

You should go to the TK to get your reward, and I will PM Dante about giving him his WP.

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