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New item in the shop - regarding free credits

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Greetings fellow addicts,

(writing from mobile, so please excuse the typos)

I was thinking about the fact, that I haven't voted in the free credits section for around an year now. The main reason is the lack of time and I won't menttheion my ISPs at all amongst few more.

And then it stroked me - why not automatic voting? And before go against that, first see below.

I was thinking about an item in the normal shop. Buying it makes the system vote automatically from your account, BUT - you receive no bonuses at all.
After buying this item automatically in the shop appears the opposite one, which makes the voting back to normal.

Of course, One will be able to purchase each one only if 24 hours have passed after the previous.

Let the creative spam start... NOW! :D

Edited some major mistakes.

And I want to add, that no voting should bee possible without an actual login from the account for the day. Edited by Fire Starter

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Have you checked all the sites, and i mean all, to see if automatic voting is permitted? im pretty sure thats against the rules.

Actually automatic voting wont work for many sites that require you to type in a captcha...

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