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Nuts, I would have applied for this, but it was announced and chosen during the time I was asleep :(




EDIT: I have compiled and sent the data for MDA anyway. Since you didn't leave long enough in volunteering for me to do so I obviously wasn't at your planning meeting to learn exactly what data you want, but eh. I included whether it was internal/external, natural light, ambient light, and artificial light.


I have the data for the vast, vast majority of MD as well. As an archivist I have lots of data like that. Resource maps, clickie maps, black letter maps, weather maps, water maps, parchment maps, etc. We have compiled a very large library of data.


While the idea of people doing things for MD is great, in this case, not so. Essentially you are just sending data that Mur or someone else will have to wade through, which wont be in the format that he wants, and may be missing scenes you dont have access to. I would ask people not to go ahead and ignore what Mur and others ask when collecting data, as it can increase the amount of work.

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