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GG land weapon thoughts

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Ok so been a while since i made a post here and since i still dont have access to land weapons section will post it here.


The GG weapons i now believe it is a resonance generator.

Thinking on the weapon its design shape and how the room looks for it.


even though the weapon does not have an apparent way of targiting

it does not mean you cant target with it. I think it interacts on a frequency of each land

or object. this means it could target anywhere and posable anytime.


The only think at this point is what are the frequancy of each land/item/place/material



water is a great conductor of wave :D and great for displaying a frequance being produced

and so is salt/sand.


i will keep looking into this idea but this is what i beleve is to be my next stage of understanding in MD.




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is this really that most updated post within the order.

I guess i can now start looking at research again. But i do not have access to all forum section as AK stoped using the form before granting my access after it was agreed that i could have access that is.

But anyways i am going to revisit the old notes and see if i can find my old archive. If not i will push forward and create new notes with a new prerspective

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