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Bug I've never seen before

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So the watering can was coded by me a long time ago. But now when I try to use it I get this:

[b][color="#CC0000"]There was a problem in using this item[/color][/b]
#Reloaded use page, please press use from the inventory page

Any ideas


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as much as you i have no much idea, i can only guess you did regural drill when stuff happens and that ya still cant use yoar item regardless wut ya try, maybe double check yoar code, just to make sure that nothin new that could mess it up got inserted in it due to some mysterious event

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you need to reload the inventory page and then press use.

This was implemented becuase lots of people "reloaded" the page, and used an item accidentally.


Ann. 2386 - [2012-08-27 19:25:59 - Stage 11]
Bugfix: Reloading page "uses" item
If you reload the page without closing the item use box it previously reused the item, this should not be the case anymore. If you encounter any issues using items or related problems please post on forum or contact bugs@magicduel.com

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Hmm, I have the same issue using Awiiya's Bone Saw (scripted by Awiiya). I have tried reloading the inventory page and the sidebar. If I click "open item" from the sidebar the item's html page opens correctly but the script (which stores text in the database) gives the error message. If I click "<<Details" to open the inventory page and click "Use item" for the Bone Saw I get the error message right away (it doesn't even show the item's html page)

Awiiya, was this error message given from the Watering Can?

Is it possible that a fix implemented for shared items has affected user scripted items?

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error removed by chew


During collecting lumber and i can't collect the lumber


Server time: Jul 23 01:42:40

~ Day: 203 Year: 8 ~

Edited by Chewett

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