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[ Results ] Bring home your Favorite MD Creatures and Characters this Holiday Season

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Thank you everyone who participated, I hope you enjoyed making these as much as I had seeing them, they are a delight to behold and well done. I am in the process of getting the rewards out to the winners, those items below in red will be delivered within the next few hours as for the other rewards I will be contacting the sponsors within the hour and you should expect rewards directly from them, please contact me if you have not gotten anything from them sponsors within a few days. The Avatar managers also will be randomly rewarding one participant a gold avatar- it does not have to be the top 5 winners- when they let me know who they choose I will announce it here. Thank you.

1st place ~ Nimrodel (17 votes [33.33%])
Prizes: [i][color=#ff0000]An aged tokened Rustgold Drachorn, 1 gold and 2 silver[/color][/i] (1 wishpoint sponsored by Seigheart) + (a Reindrach sponsored by the Treasure Keepers)

2nd Place ~ Tom Pouce (10 votes [19.61%])
[color=#FF0000][i]An aged tokened Angien and 2 silver[/i][/color] (An aged tokened Archer sponsored by Mercurial Spectre) + ( a Rustgold sponsored by the Treasure Keepers)

3rd place ~ DarkRaptor (8 votes [15.69%])
[color=#ff0000][i]An aged tokened Angien and 1 silver[/i] [/color]+ (An aged tokened Pimped Grason sponsored by Mercurial Spectre)+ ( a Rustgold sponsored by the Treasure Keepers)

4th place ~ Sky Army (7 votes [13.73%])
[i]An aged shop Joker Tokened and 1 silver[/i]

5th place ~ biermann (3 votes [5.88%])
[i][color=#ff0000]A colored shop Amour and one silver[/color][/i]

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congrats to the winners :) Thank you zentao for the Quest and for the awesome rewards. Believe it or not, I learned how to manipulate photographs by starting out with this quest :D

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