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Understanding the mind of Change - Results

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This week went by so fast that I forgot that it's already been more than a week!

Several of you had quite good answers. Awiiya's was my favourite as a whole, in second being No one. Yes, this represented a major change in mentality for me. I have always viewed odd numbers to be unstable and individual, with even numbers being safe, and nice, and paired (not nearly fully what I think, but it's some of it). Thus, I shunned odd numbers, even though I embraced individuality.

Feel free to talk to me about this in game and in pms.

-)(- Ackshan, I also liked your answer, but there is one major thing wrong with it. There are five days in a week. They are Sweetmorn, Boomtime, Pungenday, Prickle-Prickle and Setting Orange. There are also five seasons. Everyone knows this! -)(- ;)

No one will get two heat stones because Awiiya will be getting three (see what I did there?). But seriously, both No one and Awiiya will receive heat stones.

Thank you everyone who participated! I'm definitely going to do more of these. :wub:

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[quote name='Change' timestamp='1356987519' post='129382']
[url="http://calendar.discordipedia.org/"]http://calendar.discordipedia.org/[/url] You did say 5 was a magic number. -)(-

I accept the law of fives. Rejected the rest of that gunk after puberty.

But this makes sense now. Thanks.

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I'd say the law of fives is the biggest intentional gunk of the whole thing! But anywho. Discordianism is quite philosophically sound, imo. *tries to think up another change*

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