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I would implement AP and other costs for usable items. There are plenty of other features that require an AP/EP cost (i.e creature sacrifice, friend removal, searching for specific dates in the calender, mood panel posting and a few other things I can't think of at the moment.) It makes sense in my opinion to add costs to usable items like Pass Papers, Harvesting tools, kill/revival items, dice, cauldrons and legislators.

Just to clarify, I'm not suggesting this as a deterent for resource depletion.I just think its odd that they don't have cost to use when they have clear benefits to the user. Edited by hu Phlung Pu

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I would put more tools into the hands of players, ultimately delegating all powers including bug fix and coding and everything the secret council does, and new scene creating and everyting. Turn it loose. Kings and Queens with real power. Anarchy and thrills galore. And people feeling empowered instead of under the thumb of a bureacratic authority that is overwhelmed to the point of non-action except on trivial but emotional things.... Put in place mechanisms to make codable items, and code them. Spell creation. New clickie creation. No more rules except those set by the PLAYERS with power to enforce their will. Allow social groups of players to decide things. Give players the power to approve avys, and so on and so on. And any function that does not get used within a certain time frame is up for grabs by an active player.

No more rules about alts. Just make it possible for players to see who is pulling the strings. Then let go.

Keep the game moving, alive, empowering, and fun!

How many people have left this game because they felt hopeless in the face of injustice, expecting Mur or the Council to act as a potent judiciary? Down with such arbitrary authority -- power to the players! Edited by Fyrd Argentus

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If wishes were open-ended, beyond "finish the other stuff first" which would be my most appropriate suggestion:

I would, however, also like to see powers and abilities and spells more utilized.
As Fyrd menton, put the power in the hands of who really holds it, but may not realize it. The Players.

Spells and trade functions and such in clickables would ROCK, and really add to the magic aspect of magicduel. Charge a clickable like a SpellStone, perhaps? Or re-interpret MDscript to use a locked-down SQL table per user instead of arrays of arrays (to avoid multithreading, simplify functions, possibly save variable storage space?)


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A completely new chapter or two of the AL, starting back at the basics. This one has gotten extremely confusing and isn't having anything written on it, so I'd like to see it go back to how it was a long time ago. I'm speaking of trying to find the book of principles, finding the cave with the tiny men and the drachorns, the shades, all of that interesting stuff. Since it isn't as complicated it wouldn't need to be 100% written by Mur so the old archivist's role could be back. As long as the writer didn't make up anything hugely contradicting MD it seems like it would be fine, so it would just have to be someone who knows quite a bit about how MD works.

Inner Magic could come back and fit into that AL as well, since that is what it was supposed to be for.

Not sure if this fits in with Mur's overall plan but I miss the old AL.

And to clarify I don't mean for this to replace the actual AL. It would be more like side stories to take up time while waiting for the main story to continue. All the good games I've played have tons of sidequests scattered throughout the actual plot, so something to that effect. Edited by Jester

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After having a conversation with Innocence, I think it would be a good idea to update the MD Archives by encouraging more experienced players that are up to date on the game as well as the grinders and even RP's who would like to share some thoughts in the form of writing a little something,.This is a benefit for everyone and more importantly for the newer players to use as a knowledge base or to guide their way through this interesting game. Not only would it save some of the Vets who don't like to repeat themselves over explaining things to the new generation but it would serve as a reference, just suggest that the players read up in the Archives. This would also be a great way for newer players to get to know the older ones without too much interaction( Vets write, new players read and remember who wrote it), it leaves for a more independent base of players and thus should help bring up the pulse in MD by encouraging players to share and learn.

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return of the kingship items,
return of the kings for those lands that want them
create land protectors who are tied to the land with corresponding abilities.
bring revival of the death to the lands, or make them more involved in them.
make tools or spells, for the resource guilds, so that they can replenish depleted resources

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