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Fang Archbane

You can all thank Eon for the delays :D

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This seems a bit childish.

Fang Archbane - if you get upset about something, cool off before making a public statement and write it formally and calmly. Or at least explain in more depth or ask for some help as to why you can't deliver things., that might satisfy people, or at least they will help. I guess you're doing an OK job with your Treasure Keeping role, sort of hard to determine that besides your public statements (I've seen 3 in my time here, I think. only been here for a month though). Also, try not to insult people even if we insult you (such as Curiose, Eon). I understand that you may not like Eon because of your character role, but you seem to dislike him/her outside of the game, too.

Curiose - we all get angry at life. I'm not a happy camper 24/7 either, in fact, stressed a lot lately because of my studies and rude people. I understand a desire for a job/part/role, too. But sometimes the moment passes you by and there are better roads to take. "A successful [wo]man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at [her]."

DARK DEMON - it seems like you're reaching conclusions that may or may not be true (maybe a reference to Schrodinger's cat? Anyone? No? Okay). Not an insult or a pat on the back, just felt like pointing that out, mostly for the cat reference.


Back to Fang:

Try sitting back and looking at the situation. Before when you were making generous contributions according to you, you completely dropped your ability to sponsor quests because of it, which makes little sense to me. But you also don't trust them enough to handle the treasury. I think you need to find a balancing point.

Sorry for rambling, just trying to be of help.

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[quote name='Alice Rowle' timestamp='1352334695' post='125211']
(A reference to Schrodinger's cat? Anyone? No? Okay).

Its ok, you helped simply by making me laugh with that >xDDD

Good reference, i like :3

And *blinks a couple times* Yeah. I went a bit gift crazy when i sponsored so, ill let mah Tee Kays do that from now on D:

And your not rambling. Your honesty helps me ^^

Mostly because your not being Douchy or a Meanie but, yeah, also cause your right mah little lady ^3^

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