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Ackshan Bemunah

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I would like to encourage those considering creating a quest, scheduling an adventure that is not likely to be sabotaged, or planning an event to use the community calendar. It is very useful, and can serve various functions:

--****[color=#ff0000]Posting deadlines[/color]**** for the various quests going on at any time.

--****[color=#800080]Posting events and festivals[/color]****.

--****[color=#40e0d0]Publicising quests.[/color]**** Yes, the mood panel is good for this, but every single person who checks the forums sees the day's events.

--Publicising events. (Same idea.)

--Making forceful suggestions regarding the "demands of the moment" or the "needs of the time" in the MD community.

This is a toy. Have fun with it. Edited by Ackshan Bemunah

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You know, for the year I've ben in the realm, I never really played with that Calendar. I think I knew about it, but forgot. Thanks for the reminder!!

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