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Up in the air

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Tethered to the fountain at Marind's Roundabout are 3 miniature hot air balloons with a sock monkey waving out of each basket.


The goal is to get your balloon higher than the other team’s balloon by adding heat.
Team 2’s balloon is tied down at the crack on the left side of the fountain and Team 3’s balloon is tied to the brick on the right side.

You can do whatever you like to either put heat in your balloon or to prevent the other team to do so. Getting help from independents, spells, combat or any other mean is legal except tempering with the clickies.

At the end of the contest, we will that stop the heat transfers and measure the heights.

You can make your difference too! You have a balloon like the other teams tied down at the big brick in front of the fountain (by the arrow). In addition to helping the teams if you want, you can also raise your own balloon.

The password for all is:Full of hot air
(Team 1's first event) Edited by AmberRune

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