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Heat Orb

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It would be useful to have separate buttons for operating your Erolin Device. Currently refreshing your heat total and storing heat in orbs is done the same way: Clicking the Device. This is a problem because when you want to store, say, 3000 heat and you have 2800 but you're not sure how much you have, you need to reload the whole page to see. There is some empty space below it, a button could be added to do either of these things, could it not?

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i second this

ajax response on this aint that accurate and is slow, and reload is poor solution

in addition it would be nice to have same button for regen timer too, since it usually bugs up as well and maybe even same button for ve/vp/ap/exp thingy

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Also, sometimes I just want to see how much heat I have when I'm not trying to store any, then I click on the orb and suddenly all of my heat gets stored, which can be quite annoying.

This would be a welcome change.

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