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Im the Ghost of Sparta! GoE now is haunted by a ghost, becareful

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The Heat is still there, stable for now, and not quite fading.
It seems the Spartan has taken to selling his beloved creatures, perhaps to pay for revival efforts?
Seek the ones with power to revive, perhaps. Don't give up the fight for life.
I know he'll live again, if the Will of the many outweighs the will of death.

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In light of [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12441-a-funeral/"]The Funeral Plans[/url], The Heat Clickies for Reviving and/or keeping Spartiatis dead will msot likely de-activate in the very near future.
One last chance to put forth your Heat towards the cause!

I will keep them active, but remove the button to donate Heat, as I've had a few requests in private to let someone watch it slowly "cool off".

May the Spartan's spirit accept his new role, in whatever form that winds up being.... Ash, or Active.

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With Chewett joining the corpses, it was decided to re-phrase "revive Spartiatis" to something a bit more generic.

"[b]Revive the Dead[/b]" is the new phrase to speak to that tiny hidden orb, by the Gazebo, in order to soak your Heat into it.

To vote no, it is a more generic "[b]Corpses Stay Dead[/b]".

Edited by Maebius
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In light of unreturned messages, and my fear that the spirit of Spartiatis has begun to fade, so too has the Hidden Orb stopped soaking Heat.If you wsh to donate your heat to a cause, still, Loreroot has a Moon chalice, with far FAR more activity in it over the last few days, than this little vine accumulated while it was active last month.

I will keep it up, to list the last 10 timestamps, and track the trend towards zero, then remove it entirely.
Revive the Dead? Perhaps not this way, this time.

Rest well, among the ashes, Spartan. May your spirit return one day, and find Adventure wherever you drift.

Edited by Maebius
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I'm sorry Maebius, but I'm going to keep the orb open for a little longer and the heat has even started to slowly rise again. This is not the time to give up, no matter how we will do it I'm certain the heat will prove to be useful. All help to keep the heat growing will be greatly appreciated.

It is long past time to bring Spartiatis back.

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Sorry Spartiatis that noone cared for you, cared for a part of the realm we all belong.

Thank you for being with us, and rest in peace.

I hope all of us learned much of this.

Your decision was right. We deserved it. Our realm became smaller and paler again.

(edit: Alright samon... let's do it. I am not sure if he wants to come back and play tho. I will ask him.)

Edited by Fenrar
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Yesterday Bob has bloomed and resurrected Chewett and Spartiatis! Today I saw Spartiatis' footprints, while only briefly this does show he has not yet forgotten about us.

Thank you Bob and all who, in one way or an other tried to help bring them back. It took a while but we did it.

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