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Free Shop Tokens - $1

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1291754398' post='74777']
I have recently recived a pm from the MDStaff.

They have decided that transactions made using real money or real items are forbidden unless they are credits with the gift shop feature.

Any topics that are currently open with money will be closed. Any topics that are subsequently made will be removed and the creator will be warned.

I don't exactly know what this topic is about, either, but i'll still point out that rule, just in case.

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let me give a hand here, Ars have $20, and think someone whant a token service.
So maybe whant game coins(SC,GC) or some game itens for them??

edit (if isnt that also Im curious about)

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I value them at 5 credits per gold coin. Not that I'm buying or selling.... but that's the rate published on my pickle redemption table.

So... if people start using spicy pickles as a currency, I seem to fixing an exchange rate... sort of.

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