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Community Garden Leadership

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[quote name='Rumi' timestamp='1335334752' post='109703']
IMPORTANT - This is a community project. It's success depends entirely on how YOU support and utilize it. I am giving as much Time and energy as possible right now. We need some other project leaders, and now is the time for you to step forward and step up.

For a year, the community garden project has been the focus of my attention in the realm. Those of you who interact regularly with me surely notice that our interaction has not been so regular of late. Since the beginning of spring, I have been very busy... and it appears that I will only be getting busier.

The design of the community garden continues and construction is ready to begin.

Given my availability, I can no longer lead this project by myself. Many of you have stepped forward to contribute. Now is the time for one or more to step forward to take a leadership role. An effective team of leaders will bring this garden to fruition. A lack of leadership will lead to stagnation and failure. Now is the time for you to decide if you want a community garden.

A leader who comes forward will not be alone. You will have my support in every way I can give it. I am not stepping away from leadership. I need to share the burden.

Please post on this topic if you are interested. Send me a PM and we will discuss details.

Thank you all.

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*steps forth*

I am not skilled in the ways of the Garden, but I know a thing or two in the ways of the Water.

I have 1500 Water on me currently, and I'd love to help however I can (watering the garden regularly?).

Anyways. You know it's true Falronn. If you need me, I'm there.

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Thanks to everyone who has stepped up in public and private. Community garden leadership will be incorporated into your role in some meaningful ways.

I ask that each of you find me sometime soon ingame so you can join the community garden knowledge collection.

Please take a little time to consider and write a short piece about how you would like to relate to the community garden. When you join the knowledge collection, you can add your essay as an initial contribution.

The knowledge collection will be a fluid document and we will update our contributions as the garden takes shape.

Leadership is not confined to those who have already stepped up. Anyone interested is welcome to participate.

Thanks everyone.

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thank you Rumi.

i am currently a tad busy in the Lands of the East, what with TK business with Seigheart and whatnot, but ill be sure to find you once i am free.

where, pray tell, may i find you once im able to walk freely once more? &-&

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im saddened to say that due to my recent leaving of Marind Bell,i am no longer in possession of the Water. Maebius now holds the ~1500 Water, and i suggest you ask him for help ^^

sorry, i wish i could have helped, but the East called.

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Hello all ...


it´s all Rumis fault he took me by surprise used my tiredness of the morning to "trick" me into my first role. I thank you again for your trust Rumi and will give my best to fill the role. I will work together with whomever is willing to do so to continue your work. Hopefully we will be able to let the seeds grow which you were planting a long time back.

Edited by Menhir

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