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    • By Tarquinus
      The true Eclipse - that is as distinguished from the "official" Eclipse who took our badges - has renewed its Pact with the leaders of Necrovion, Peace and Azull.

      [size=5][b]Pact of the Sands[/b][/size]

      These are the terms of the pact between the forces of Necrovion and the Children of the Eclipse, one people, one purpose.

      I. War:

      The forces of Necrovion and the Children of the Eclipse shall not make war against each other. In situations where other alliances (as in that between the Eclipse and the Guardians of the Root) might force the two parties into conflict, both parties hereby agree to refuse to engage each other in warfare.

      II. Peace:

      The forces of Necrovion and the Children of the Eclipse may engage each other in duels. Individual members of each party may, however, request not to be attacked by the other, and the leaders of both parties agree to ensure that such requests are honored.­­­

      III. Information:

      The forces of Necrovion and the Children of the Eclipse agree to share information on an ethical basis. Knowledge of advanced game mechanics and “spoilers” shall only be shared in case of emergency, but otherwise members of both parties shall be encouraged to share theories and discoveries pertaining to the nature of the realm of MagicDuel.

      This Pact was re-confirmed by Tarquinus, Amoran, Peace, and Azull.

      The "official" CoE has no bearing on this Pact and is not subject to its terms, just as it is not subject to our oaths or ceremonies. We cannot be held responsible for that group's actions.
    • By Passant the Weak
      My first article for the Legend Speakers was about the glass making. It allowed me to introduce some basic mechanisms of what a tool offers in Magic duel. The sand melter is transforming a ressource (sand) in a more elaborated ressource (glass)
      This second article aims to present another tool used to gather basic ressource: a [b]Memory Stone detector[/b].

      To build this article, I decided to make an [b]interview with xrieg[/b]. xrieg is one of the 3 users who have been chosen to hold a Memory Stone Detector when they were introduced in the realm. I was both interested in what the tool technically allows (how it works), and what impact the tool may have in regards to the social life of its owner in the realm.

      But lets stop the blabla and check what xrieg told us. The verbatim of the interview can be found in the spoilers, while my summary impressions are written below in visible areas. Please note that the interview was conducted in game. It took us a bit of time to complete it because our agendas did not match well. And finally we managed to finish the talking in 2 sessions... separated by a few weeks! The only changes I have done to the verbatim are to correct the order of some sentences to make them more readable. And I also removed the few lines that were off topic or OOC.

      As usual, feel free to ask any question you may have on the tool, the interview, whatever... and I am more than willing to receive any suggestion for my next article. Whether it is about the subject, the format... Feel free to give advices.

      Oh and of course... forgive my bad English!

      The Weak, a passerby, your glass expert.


      First I wanted to know a bit more about xrieg. I was seeing him as a grinder, with all the good and bad connotations attached to that name. I knew him very few, but had to discover him a bit because he was regularly providing me with sand for my glass making, in exchange of some glass here and there. That's probably why I picked him: we were in touch... even if it was only for exchanging a few words about business.

      I discovered that xrieg as a name has no meaning... except a distant allusion to the German Krieg that mean war. And that sums up xrieg quite well: a grinder able to hit anywhere at any time to get a few stats for his profile.
      [log=[color=#0000FF]who is xrieg?[/color]] ***********PRESENTATION***************************
      Passant the weak: But first of all, would you like to present us xrieg a little bit? Where does the name come from?
      xrieg: nowhere I am aware of
      xrieg: it was much later that I realized the initial core must have biin picked from German Krieg
      xrieg: war
      Passant the weak: *smiles* interesting!
      xrieg: my subconsiousness :-P
      xrieg: I guess so - no time to concentrate on other aspects of MD most of the time
      Passant the weak: maybe you were born to be a fighter... what is xrieg main occupation / role ?
      Passant the weak: Luckily it is tranquility day I don't have much to fear!
      xrieg: mp difference protects you... and as I do not have skilldamage you have nothing to fear in general - every fight is beneficial
      Passant the weak: This is something worth noting for all our new players!
      xrieg: very low heat caps at mp3 and 4 would make it quite difficult to assimilate :-)
      Passant the weak: How old is xrieg in the realm by the way?
      xrieg: too old... but still kicking
      Passant the weak: My spies say 291 Active Days... would you say you are a young player, an experimented player or a veteran?
      xrieg: hmm 294 actually
      xrieg: and I would say between young and experienced
      Passant the weak: Sorry!
      xrieg: it's more about the intensity of your playing and your attitude than number of active days

      One thing that caught my attention is that xrieg is relatively young in the realm (less than 300 active days at the moment of the interview) and yet got his hands on a much demanded tool: a Memory Stone Detector. He says he was at the right place at the right time, and that his youngness allowed him to get the tool. That is something that I would like all young players note: [b]tools and goodies in MD are not only for fossile veterans[/b]. Actually they are more than often given to younger players. My own example confirms that: I am younger than xrieg and yet I got my own tool: a Sand melter. And I got it only because I applied when there was an announcement looking for candidates. So to you all young players: be patient... and you will yourself get some goodies sooner or later!
      [log=The chosen one or the lucky one?] **************The Chose one****************************
      Passant the weak: OK, so a relatively young player... and yet you have been holding a powerful tool: can you tell us what tool you got?
      xrieg: Memory Stone Detector - used to gather Memory Stones all over the realm
      Passant the weak: Wow, that sounds brilliant... before describing the tool, I would like to know... how have you been chosen? You, a relatively young player?
      xrieg: I was the first one to reply - most other ppl were idle then
      Passant the weak: That is luck!
      xrieg: at that time Lone Wolf and Aranna were already happy tool users - and Mur wanted one more to provide competition
      Passant the weak: So, you mean that ANYONE could have got it?
      xrieg: hmm I do not think so - maybe not anyone, Mur had some type of player he wanted the tool to have in mind I guess - but I assume newer player were in advantage there
      Passant the weak: That goes against a general idea I've heard from young players: they believe tools or good things go only to veterans or people who know Mur
      Passant the weak: You seem to illustrate it's way more open
      xrieg: I heard new features usually are given to younger player - not only that particular time
      xrieg: same about recent voice of council ad
      Passant the weak: It's true, and it's worth to be noted.[/log]

      The Memory stone detector is a [b]gathering tool[/b]: it allows its owner to collect memory stones if there are some at the location you try to use it. Actually you get to collect 1 memory stone at a time (along with sand that is a byproduct of the process).
      Memory stones are available in specific locations, usually in rocky areas. They are in variable quantity depending on the location and they regenerate periodically (50% of the available stones regenerate every day), just like aby collectable ressource in the realm (water, herbs, ...). Every player can check what we are talking about at the famous Gazebo of Equilibrium: one memory stone (maximum) is there.
      But the tool is quite complex: it needs to [b]cool down more than one hour between two attempts[/b] to gather stones. And that is the fun part: as there are 4 (3 at the time we started the interview) memory stone detectors available in the realm, there is a competition between all tool owners to get the maximum of stones in their pocket... unless they cooperate and share the resources, which seems to be what xrieg did with another gatherer: Lone Wolf.
      But a [b]memory stone[/b]? For what? It';s very simple:[b] if anyone owns a spell[/b] with more than 5 cast available, he can [b]imprint its memory on such a stone[/b]. And then the stone owner can [b]learn temporarily the spell from the memory imprinted on the stone[/b] (being granted up to 3 casts himself). And yes: stones can go from pocket to pocket, and anyone is able to learn their content. That makes them quite a popular item.
      [log=The tool]**************The tool****************************
      Passant the weak: OK, let's come back to your tool. Besides a fancy name... what does it do?
      xrieg: it allows user to harvest memory stones - and sand as byproduct. there are several locations in the realm it is possible - including Necrovion and Tribunal
      xrieg: one such location all players see daily is Gazebo of Equilibrium - with one stone available for harvest
      Passant the weak: Memory stones? What's this?
      xrieg: if one has more than 5 uses of given memory they can imbue it on a stone - and such a stone after usage allows to release it up to three times
      Passant the weak: Wow, that looks powerful. How many stones can you gather with the tool?
      xrieg: if one has more than 5 uses of given memory they can imbue it on a stone - and such a stone after usage allows to release it up to three times
      xrieg: there are several locations you can harvest - and 4 stone detectors in existence - some easy to rach some difficult.... also after each use the tool must cool down before next use - more than one hour
      xrieg: it depends on user - how determined he is to explore... and competitionh :-)
      Passant the weak: Hehe, looks like the mushroom hunt in my country... but that is another story!
      xrieg: usually after Necrobvion was closed each of us (myself, Lone Wolf, Aranna) was able to harvest 2 stones each daily
      xrieg: but if some of us overslept and others wanted to explore - more, my daily record was 11 I believe
      Passant the weak: Does the tool give you a bonus in any way (stats...)
      xrieg: Yes, there is dedicated t=stat - Finesse
      xrieg: You get is every time you use the tool succesfully
      xrieg: and that is the only stat you get as far as profile is cpncerned
      Passant the weak: Interesting: can you use the tool unsuccesfully then?
      xrieg: of course - you may try to use it in 'unpaved' location
      Passant the weak: I see, but how does finesse impact you? If you know.... and can tell!
      xrieg: To the best of my knowledge - currently it has no impact... but hopefully some day it will - or there is one already I am not aware of
      Passant the weak: That is MD and its mistery![/log]

      Worth to be noted: like all ressource gathering tool, the Memory Stone detector will give you fractions of a [b]new stats[/b] in your profile every time you use it. That stat is [b]finesse[/b]"... and don't ask what it impacts: nobody knows... except Mur of course... well, I am not sure he knows either actually! But we shall discover soon enough.

      So, a tool, what for? Gathering finesse? Gathering memory stones? Sure! But also to [b]start a business[/b]! And that's what xrieg did. A fierce business, as there was some competition between the Memory Stone detector owners... Most of the people (and me the first of them!) believe that xrieg made lot of money with its tool. Well, he is not precise on that, but claims he made much less than we think. Due to the competition but also the negotiation skills of his customers who preferred to buy in bulk orders (with a discount) rather than units at full price (2sc per stone at that time). Still: he says he gathered an average of 2 stones per day... that should leave room for some benefit in coins! However, according to xrieg, he makes much more value for less effort with Quests achievement than with stones business. but a trader is a trader, and xrieg trades anything he can (creatures, stones, resources...) so maybe what HE calls not much benefit" would be huge for some of you!
      [log=Owning and losing a tool] ****************Owning and losing a tool******************
      Passant the weak: Do you still have the tool now?
      xrieg: no :-(
      xrieg: IT become shared tool in Golemus Golemicarus Lab...
      xrieg: Priority for Golemus citizens... and as there is only 4 tolls in existence I expect the waiting line to be a long one
      Passant the weak: You seem sad, do you miss your tool?
      xrieg: (Well... I miss the fun - but on the other hand waking up a few minutes early to grab a stone before taking a shower was not that healthy :-) )
      Passant the weak: ( you just answered my next question!)
      xrieg: In a ense I am also glad - some ppl considered it very unfair monopoly
      Passant the weak: What did the tool bring you?
      xrieg: ?
      xrieg: rephrase pls :-P
      Passant the weak: You just started to answer: a monopoly... do you mean you made a lot of money thanks to your stone detector?
      xrieg: I made some money, definitely... But much less that you would have expected
      xrieg: The official rate going for most of the time I was using the tool was 2sc/ stone
      xrieg: Yet most stones was purchase in barter - for enchanted stones for example
      xrieg: So in terms of my income in the last few months stones were 2nd or even third
      Passant the weak: Oh, are you a trader? What else are you making money with?
      xrieg: I trade all I can :-) crits, heat infused crits, enchanted stones, resources...
      xrieg: but I also participate in all quests I can
      xrieg: so actually in terms of valuables earned quests qould be 1st
      Passant the weak: And would you say that selling stones was a difficult business? Time consuming?
      xrieg: time consuming... well it depends
      xrieg: there are stones in easy to reach areas - No Man's Land and Loreroot
      xrieg: gathering them takes no time and effort
      xrieg: and finally there is quite a few stones in Necrovion - these were most difficult to reach
      xrieg: and every second day one of us - Lone Wolf and myself - would enter Necrovion after if bbecome 500AP entry to gather stones - it was about 5h of no training
      Passant the weak: So, it's a race with other stone gaterers?
      xrieg: a bit - yes
      xrieg: Not that much really - we had some agreement. Each of us had one location for themselves to provide small but stable source of stones independent of waking time
      g: with GG stones and NV stone I worked together with Lone Wolf - we competed for the market, but worked together for optimal harvest in terms of time
      Passant the weak: Oh, you are training too: a grinder... you must have busy days in MD!
      xrieg: grinding can be done as a background task - that is what I do most days
      xrieg: every few minuted just a few attacks and back to major activities - MD unrelated
      xrieg: grinding alone id not that time consuming
      Passant the weak: A well organised person *smiles*
      xrieg: lol[/log]

      It is worth noted that xrieg has no more his tool: [b]all Memory Stone Detectors have been allocated to a remote place of Golemus Golemiracum (as shared items)[/b] and are now reserved by GG king to its citizen. I had the feeling that xrieg, despite missing his tool badly (not only the benefit he could make off it, but also the simple pleasure and proudness of holding it) was a bit relieved too, as if someone had taken a great weight off his shoulders. Because competition has also side impacts. Like "forcing" you to stay online a bit more than you should, for not missing the "good occasion"... Well, when you are a competitor in essence of course, and all grinders are!
      I was however interested in the impact the tool had on xrieg reputation. And here the result is... so so! On the right hand, it [b]generated a bit of jealousy[/b] and xrieg was often associated with greedy... why sell something he could get with no effort? I had the feeling that he was a bit sad about that, because gathering resources and making a business DOES require efforts... But on the other hand, that business allowed xrieg to meet with people he would probably never have talked with. And that [b]helped him get a new position in the realm[/b].
      [log=Conclusion] ***************Conclusion*************************
      Passant the weak: We reach the end of this interview, but I have one last point I want to adress
      xrieg: it has disadvantages - I often cannot afford timewise to follow chat so when ppl ask me something I may appear rude not answering but keep attacking
      Passant the weak: That leads to my point:
      Passant the weak: would you say the tool helped you socialising, and escape from a "grinder" reputation? Or brought more jealousy than friendlyness? What was the impact of the stone detector on your general reputation?
      Passant the weak: (crap, too long)
      xrieg: I guess it worked both ways
      Passant the weak: You have to chose!
      xrieg: As I was among few stones prooviders it offered me a chance to meed many ppl I would not otherwise - and for that I am grateful
      xrieg: On the other hand my way of handling - 2sc/ stone or equivalant - broght also some unfliendliness; some ppl considered me a greedy person getting huge money for nothing
      xrieg: My offer to trade regenerating currency - stones - for other regenerative currency - enchantments
      xrieg: some accepted as solution to avoid spending hard-earned coins - other scorned that I wanted to get something for nithing
      xrieg: as for overall reputation... I guess more ppl recognize me now - but I think my grinder reputation remains intact
      Passant the weak: And now that the tools are in GG hands. Has it changed for your reputation?
      xrieg: I wish them luck. I hope we will soon see new batches of great tools for other lands
      Passant the weak: How do you feel the massive introduction of various tools lately? Good or bad for MD?
      xrieg: I tthink most of them are good - but waiting for more. viscosity + herbs + tea I like the most
      xrieg: I regret some ppl seem to consider their mission to deplete herbs about everywhere
      xrieg: so as a result few ppl ever harvested herbs or had a chance to brew tea
      Passant the weak: Thank you xrieg!
      xrieg: thank you :-)
      And maybe those tools, and those people depleting ressources...
      Passant the weak: all that will bring us a good war instead of grinding parties!
      Passant the weak: That would be very good for the journalist I intend to become *smiles*
      xrieg: was?
      xrieg: war requires sides - we do not have them;
      Passant the weak: That was the interview of xrieg, a nasty grinder, a greedy trader, and a very pleasant peson to talk with
      Passant the weak: And war... can be the realm against the depleter
      Passant the weak: so many ways to make war
      xrieg: we shall see
      xrieg: gtg
      Passant the weak: But that is for another inteview I guess
      xrieg: nice talking to you
      Passant the weak: Thans again, very much and see you

      xrieg showed me during the interview that he loved his tool and the role associated to it. And he seems so convinced that he wishes lots of additional tools everywhere in the realm. I must admit I agree with him on that. One thing that I am sure of, is that all tools that we have recently discovered bring a new animation in the realm. We have people fighting for herbs, people regrouping for making tea so... maybe soon a war between main lands for the possession of resources and tools?
      But that is another story. A fiction... at the moment!

      And to conclude this article, a short entertainment dedicated to xrieg to than k him for his time. Xrieg has been travelling in the mountain a lot to gather stones. Him and his memory Stone Detector, his Memory machine that he loved so much

      ~The Weak, a Passerby


      EDIT: I had to edit the post because some strange code appeared here and there. Not sure how it happened, I hope I fixed them all. Apologies if not.
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