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    • By Chewett
      PHP7 issue with a lib we use.
    • By No one
      Don't know when it started, but it seems that the login box doesn't display any input box for user / password / code.
      An older player might find them as is used with their location but a newer player might get frustrated.
    • By Fang Archbane
      It seems the Protector Statement Papers one should pick up in MDAs Library with the good ol Librarian are bugged at the moment.
      This is not urgent as only One is MP6, and thus this bug only affects me. Just figured id catalog and report this now if you ever find yourself bored Chewy.

    • By ERO
      5[in use] Aromatic herbs
      7[in use] Tea leaves

      I reported this bug to Mur a few moths ago...he told me it will be fixed....until now, it wasn't....
    • By lone wolf pup
      I'm unable to lose personal heat whenever I attack Mystaurak, not sure if there's a valid reason or if it's balanced.
      In alliance

      -500+ honor

      I can gather screen shots if it's necessary. Just laziness..
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