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Phantom Orchid

Liberating Knator Commander

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[font=comic sans ms,cursive]The Knator Commander has been captured! He is being held hostage by Abra the 'empty aramor' who is apparently demanding a ransom.[/font]

The Children of the Eclipse, along with the KC Guards, will -not- stand for this!

[font=comic sans ms,cursive]1 WP will be awarded for the best roleplay and/or research involved with our beloved Commander's liberation. [/font]

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It took quite some time to think about Knator Commander. He's been trapped for months but you only thought to free him now....why is that? And why only CoE? GoTR is not also interested in KC? Or this has a deeper reason? Like....maybe somehow you think KC will give you back the ally? Or at least help you to get it back?

Hum? What's the real reason behind your "altruistic" actions?

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Really, is there a reason to negative rep someone who is reviving a stagnant quest? I hardly think so, at least we are chosing to actually do something.

If you must know, the Children of the Eclipse intend to bring Knator Commander back to reclaim his rightful place in Loreroot. After the opposition that he faced, he deserves an apology, and to live in his rightful home at the Hidden Exit.

The alliance being returned will happen, or it will not. The Eclipse is the Eclipse with or without a badge. Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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[quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1328474856' post='103554']
Since you brought it up, the official Eclipse at this time is neutral in this matter.
The "Official Eclipse" is the people who make up the Eclipse, not the alliance badge that you stole, that you do not deserve to wear.

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The official Eclipse is that which is recognized by the system and database, which is, at this time, comprised of Lord Pip, MRWander and Granos. As for deserving, that is largely subjective and has no place in the system.

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1328473693' post='103550']
It took quite some time to think about Knator Commander. He's been trapped for months but you only thought to free him now....why is that?
We have been working for many months to liberate KC. This is just another avenue we are persueing, essentially expanding the brains trust.

So no, we have not "only thought to free him now". What we have done is remind people of the situation, and attempt to bring players who may be interested in helping but have not yet had a chance to find out into the project.

Its not a bad thing to encourage working to solve a problem as a community.

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A [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11802-meeting-about-abra-and-the-empty-aramors/page__view__findpost__p__106042"]log[/url] of the meeting organized by Falronn at the Gates of Ages . There are some gems in there. Don't give up!

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1328473693' post='103550']
And why only CoE? GoTR is not also interested in KC? Or this has a deeper reason?

[i][color=#808080]Each GotR member supports the cause as an individual according to his/her own beliefs and is indeed interested.[/color][/i]
[i][color=#808080]The alliance tho, being a defensive force in nature, doesn't make any official statements.[/color][/i]

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      [color=#0000FF][size=2][i]Edited to remove all strange characters that appeared in previous version[/i][/size][/color]

      The quest was annouced [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10991-reporter-quest-who-killed-eon/"]here[/url].

      People had to investigate on the murder and resurrection of Eon, and publish an article with their finding.

      We received 8 submissions for that quest. All had their own originality and it was a pleasure for us to read the articles. Some taught us things. Some made us smile. Some achieved both. All in all, very good entries, as the job was not that easy. You will find all articles below, and the 3 best will have a dedicated thread in the ‘People in the news' section of the forum.

      Before giving the results, some clarifications about the way we judged the entries:
      - Jury was myself, Fyrd Argentus and BFH Lightning
      - Only I knew the authors of the articles, Fyrd and BFH had to judge anonymous articles.
      - we have rated the articles according to a grid of notation (criterias are in the Quest thread). Of course information contained in the article was the most important criteria, but not the only one.
      - Adding all ratings, we came to 2 close contestants for the winning place. So we crosschecked with another way of rating (based only on the position reached by the questors according to each member of the jury). It was again very close.

      Therefore we have decided to declare 2 winners. One of them has requested to stay anonymous. If he maintains that request, I suppose he can ‘t get a prize. I am assuming here that he will accept to disclose his identity (I am waiting for his answer). [b]Peace[/b] has sponsored one WP. We are in discussion with the [b]Treasure Keepers[/b] to get a second one. If we don ‘t reach an agreement, we will find elsewhere.

      But stop the blabla, here comes the results.

      [size=5][b]Winners[/b][/size]: [b]ShadowSeeker[/b] and [b]Anonymous[/b] (sic)
      Both winners will get one WP and a random creature between Amy Winehouse (Pimped Grassan aged 280 with blacktear token) and one Marksmen (sponsor: [b]Neno Velik[/b]i) aged around 100.
      [i][color=#0000CD]Update: anonymous has now a name that he accepts to disclose. Congratulations to [b]Leixer[/b].[/color][/i]

      He was rated #1 in regards to the information disclosed in the article. He perfectly used his connections within the realm to investigate and get clues from people involved in the murder and the resurrection of Eon. The only improvement we could see was on the way the article was constructed: it should have been improved before being published in a newspaper.
      Great job overall.

      [b]Anonymous ([color=#0000CD]Update: Leixer[/color])[/b]
      He was close second in term of information disclosed and compensated by a good structure of the article. He managed to witness the murder and the resurrection and used that first hand information to build a well balanced article.
      Great job too!

      [size=5][b]3rd position[/b][/size]: [b]Darkraptor[/b]
      He will get 1 gold (sponsor: [b]Keith Moon[/b]).
      He submitted a very good article, just a litlle bit below the 2 winners.

      All 3 were quite well above the 5 other questors. They achieved a remarkable job and I believe people will learn some things about the Eon ‘s murder after reading their article. Those 3 articles will be published in a special thread in the ‘People in the News ‘ forum of the Legend Speakers.

      [size=5][b]Other questors[/b][/size]: they will all receive 1 silver for their efforts (sponsor: [b]Keith Moon[/b]).
      Was very fast in submitting his article. Won the award of the most subjective article.
      [b]Phantom Orchid[/b]
      Won the award of conciseness! Maybe too concise on the revival of Eon though.
      [b]Hedge Munos[/b]
      Won the award of the most disgressions in the article. Was well informed though.
      Won the award of the best imaginative for finding ways of getting information (through forum, Mood panel...). Not quite succesful though!
      Won the award of the best article. This article could have seen fit in a newspaper without any edition. Well, in a newspaper that likes good style but is not too demanding on quantity of information contained in the article.

      Congratulation to all participants and winners, and many many thanks to our sponsors: Peace, Tarquinus/Keith Moon, Neno Veliki and Treasure Keepers.

      Rserved for Articles

      [log=Shadowseeker]Note: Each of the sides are not actual quotes, however they are rewritten based upon conversations that were held and the person reviewed it.
      [b]Phantasm's side[/b]
      [i]Did he kill Eon? [/i]
      Yes he did. He used his spade to bury Eon. As a gravedigger does, a grave for the dead.
      [i]Why did he kill Eon?[/i]
      He did it for the surpressed. For the actions which were sadistic. For those who cried out yet were unable to stop him.
      (Note: My personal belief is there was not enough team action to go against Eon, but then again it always is easier to operate alone.)
      [i]How did he feel after the quick revival?[/i]
      I do not know how he did feel, I can only imagine anger, a feeling of not knowing why and such. But, such a quick revival does have a cost, so maybe this sign of change for the better.
      However, I believe he is now also being hunted down by Eon. Whether it is now more than before I do not know, but I imagine it is.
      [b]Eon's side[/b]
      [i]What did you feel upon being killed?[/i]
      Calm. He was going to pay for it...but first I had to revive. I made plans in advance.
      [i]You revived very fast. How did you do it?[/i]
      I paid a price for doing it. Still, I am alive once more. It involved Zleiphneir and Bob.
      [i]What do you think of phantasm, him being your killer and all?[/i]
      He's ridiculous, even calling himself King of Shadows.
      [i]Will this influence your actions in any kind of manner?[/i]
      Not really. I might make more of an effort to hunt phantasm down, but this kind of thing cannot and will not deter me.
      [b]Zleiphneir's side[/b]
      [i]Did he revive Eon?[/i]
      Half right. Bob the Tree revived Eon.
      [i]How did that happen?[/i]
      Eon took part in a ritual and when Bob bloomed, he was alive once more.
      [i]Why so fast?[/i]
      Does it matter to a Tree? Time flows slowly, a lifetime for us can be a moment for it. When the Tree was woken, Eon got revived. As simple as that.
      [i]Why let Bob revive him?[/i]
      Obviously, it is partly Z's choice to reveal the ritual...however Eon did return the previously stolen lumber and promised not to further harm Bob, even making dst agree to that. And that was a heavy price. And the decision was not Z's, it was Bob's.
      Having gathered information from all sides, I can only conclude in the following way:
      Phantasm originally killed Eon to prevent him from attacking more people, depleting more resources and generally harass and annoy (some) people in every manner he can.
      Eon sought out methods to revive right afterwards, and tried an unconfirmed method by having himself and dst agreeing not to harm Bob the Tree in future and returning the lumber he previously harvested from him.
      Zleiphneir then told him of a possible solution, a ritual, which might be able to revive him (but with no guarantee)- and it did. Zleiphneir however notes that it was not himself who resurrected Eon, but that it was fully Bob's decision (see how he bloomed as well) and that he only provided the ritual.
      In essence we see players colliding about different opinions on how to play MD, and Zleiphneir only being involved by trying to protect his Tree as good as he can.


      [log=Anonymous][size=5][b]1. Who killed Eon?[/b][/size]

      According to credible sources, the death of eon was because of phantasm using his shovel. So basically it was [b]Phantasm[/b] that killed Eon, phantasm’s shovel is a very strong item, having the ability to cast death to a person, but it requires time for it to recharge so it could be use again.

      [b]These are the other 2 people that I know that can cast death: (subtopics that I added)[/b]

      There’s another person with an item that can cast death. A dagger, that has the ability to cast death but that person isn’t awake when Eon was killed, “ivorak’s dagger”.

      Of course Mur can do it too.

      [size=5][b]2. Why Eon was killed?[/b][/size]

      At the same time, it was said that phantasm was asked to do it by:

      1. A secret group called “[b]Cloak and Dagger[/b]” - a very old r/L guild, a sort of grouping of selective people who do secretive things, this is a secret association composed of group of people, very hard to know, often not the same people, depending on the circumstance, this group could also be compared with Brotherhood or they could be the brotherhood.

      2. and x kings ([b]yrthilian and Firsanthalas[/b]) to kill him because of some issues that the 2 x kings can’t handle anymore about Eon.

      [size=5][b]3. Who revived Eon?[/b][/size]

      After being killed, [b]DST[/b] looked for ways to revive Eon, [b]Zleiphneir[/b][b] ([/b][b]Z[/b][b]) [/b]gave Dst the idea on how to revive Eon. A group of people with common cause must join force and convince someone to help revive eon, the people present that time on that place were are as follows: (DST, Pipstick, Grido, Darkraptor, Hedge the frog, Pho Ra, Zentao, MRAlyon, and another person or two). So it’s not wrong to conclude that it’s Dst that revived Eon.

      [b]Not asked but important for the article: (where and how eon was revived)[/b]

      Eon was revived down at bob when Dst was able to gather the people and able to convince that someone. Now the question is who is that “someone” that we need to convince to be able to revive a dead person?

      Reviving someone is very hard to do; it’s a secret that only very few know. The question on who this “someone” could be is still a big secret. I could be right, but I could also be wrong, maybe, if you really want to know, try to die first, and see if this someone will agree to revive you (be sure there's a group with common cause ).

      This is a theory and wasn’t asked from others, I have my own guesses on who this “someone” could be.

      1. [b]Bob the [/b] [b]tree[/b] – because Eon was resurrected near his place and maybe if we always see him(bob) no one would be suspicious that he has such power.

      2. [b]Zleiphneir[/b] – because he knows or was the one that gave Dst the idea.

      3. [b]Muratus del Mur[/b] – of course he has the power to do it, but quite unusual for him to do it in this situation (there’s still a chance).

      [b]And for additional information[/b] the death of eon lasted no longer than 10 hours.[/log]

      [b]3rd position[/b]

      [log=darkraptor] "The Day of Change"
      At the 321th day of the 6 year of the realm by around 17:30 ST a crowd started to gather many simple citizens, alliance leaders and even the former great Kings were at Marble Dale Park.
      Soon the leader of the caretakers, phantasm, stepped up on the stand to speak at the crowd. He spoke about recent events and changes that are about to happen, he spoke of the dedication and will of the former kings to do a pact said to be "signed and agreed" and above all he spoke of freedom all through the realm.

      At 17:40, phantasm in front of all the gathered crowd used his caretaker tool and casted Eon Out. As Eon's body fell to the ground, Yrthilian grabbed him and took him into a place said to be beyond our reach. In phantasm words, "The Day of Change has become".

      Masterchief phantasm in interview have said, that the event was prepared through the day itself and nothing could be said of the pact since it was made in confidence. He also said that though it was his tool, Eon's death is responsibility of many.
      When asked about Eon's revival, the masterchief said that Eon's revival was predestined.. thought the shortness of his death was a bit of a surprise for most.

      In fact.. just some hours after Eon's death, arrangement's were being made to prepare a revival ritual. At the comming of the new day Eon's body was taken to the Path of Loneliness, a small group of people have gathered there and assisted dst and Eon's body make a pact with Zleiphneir for him to disclose valuable information about the revival ritual. Witness said the agreement was that dst and Eon should not hurt the tree and Eon should return the lumber from bob. After Zleiphneir passed the information to dst he have fled from the place. Zleiphneir, up to now, did not respond to the interview so we can't know what else made him make an agreement to enable Eon's revival.

      Around 02:20 the revival ritual had begun, a circle was drawn around bob, Eon's body was placed at the center and the rest of the people stepped into the circle.
      dst was leading the ritual and some of the people assisted and helped to perform the ritual details. Soon Eon's body was back to life and predestined or not the revival ritual was a success.

      Despite all effords to hear Eon's side of this events, all that was possible to hear from him was a proudly: "I was dead for no longer than 10 hours"[/log]

      [b]Other participants[/b]
      [size=2]Note: I lost the formatting of the articles below (bold etc...) below. I apology to the authors. If they feel that spoils their work, please let me know and I'll make the effort to edit all.[/size]

      [log=ignnus]Friday 18th november Eon ‘s dead body was on display at Goe for about 10 hours.We could click on the often flickering player sign every minute or so,it said ‘Eon[mp5] is DEAD This player was killed.This corpse will soon decompose if not resurrected,(i have the image in my forum signature now btw).It also said dead characters will automatically be resurrected unless killed by magic.Hmm,his body was decomposing,so one can speculate Eon was killed by magic.

      [i]<Note from Editor: Image was deleted by the system: screenshot of Eon ‘s dead mention ingame>[/i]

      Probably by guardians or witches from Loreroot,I am guessing because i don ‘t know who did it and we all heard the rumors about a ritual related to demised kings,besides one could make observations from *dst* versus Amoran who is also backed by other lorerootians moodpanel clash that happened on and after the day Eon kissed the dust on Goe,yes she did.

      Moodpanel fight mostly happened from friday late server time until saturday noon.It is (not) safe to say it started with*dst* ‘s assault on LRians from moodpannel with comments like ‘you are cowards ‘, ‘you have won a battle but not the war ‘ ‘thanks for accepting you are a coward Amoran ‘ etc..,from LR side *Shemhajaz* immediately responding ‘say it to my face *dst*,Amoran K. kol also replied but i forgot what she said..This was only first of the 10 hour series of offensive moodpannel entries from each side directed at each other.Also some angry reactions by various players to Eon being resurrected too fast could be seen or heard around that time.

      I think this happened since a lot of players like me hate Eon,new mp5 ‘s can ‘t train without getting on the negative side with stats after like 5 days on the open,and she stalks everyone to everywhere,that ‘s why people hate it and wanted to see her gone forever,which is only natural in my opinion because we are the opposing side to Eon,so we are playing our part as some people are saying it should be,also some people who shouldn ‘t say it are saying it anyway.Still..since spell was so powerful it may not count as a legitimate attempt,it doesn ‘t matter now since she is resurrected after a half day by *dst*.

      At saturday 2:00 st,I witnessed the resurrection ritual going on near Bob with mighty *dst* organizing and some players helping by giving materials and performing chat commands among few i could remember are MRAlyon and Lord Jaguar(actually attacked me for my attempts).Some of the sequences were ‘similiar to ‘ :sprinkling some syntropic dust on the corpse,making tea leaves,fusing Wiiya materials together and so on..My attempts with *sets Eon on fire* whilst i never contravene *dst*,and before the final instruction(all put all hands on Eon ),me kicking down decomposing body didn ‘t mess up ritual.I also remember Zen Tao slapping Eon at final phase unlike most everyone else there(10 people or so).Eon came back to life good as new after a few minutes since the end of the ritual.

      According to Redneck,some 30 players logged out instantly after the resurrection of Eon,I have to agree since some nice training were going on at Goe for once in a while.

      edit:image keeps getting deleted due to a forum bug,i am re-uploading it from time to time. [/log]

      [log=Phantom Orchid]Once a Dark Knight Fell.

      Many speculations, assumptions, and rumors have spread throughout the lands in regards to Eon’s death / many questions asked, many left unanswered. My investigation has resulted in confirmation of what has been assumed and alluded to by many. Phantasm, self-proclaimed “king of shadows” killed Eon with his spade. Shortly thereafter, Eon was then swiftly teleported by yrthilian to the island of Golemus. This act of murder was committed under the guise of a ritual orchestrated by Phantasm, a guise to be taken with a grain of salt if we consider how it was proclaimed in the name of the few kings who were present. A grain of salt, considering that this crowd of kings included, by decree of Phantasm, “Zleiphneir, king of Tree” Anyone who knows Zleiphneir knows that such a title is farcical.

      The reasons why Eon would be killed can easily be surmised. The constancy of stat-damaging attacks, the teleporting of people idle in sanctuaries, and ultimately, the feeling of impotency placed upon those who hold beliefs of entitlement that they should have the power to be able to stop Eon. But death, as we all know, is never “the end” in this realm. For Eon, it was merely a nominal inconvenience.

      In regards to Eon’;s revival, it is known that dst was partly responsible for it. The full truth, however, as in all great stories, remains a mystery to those who find themselves on the outside of the circle. But although the circle of truth is complete, there is a small imperfection breaching its border. A hidden path. The truth is there if one knows where to look. [/log]

      [log=Hedge Munos]The Death of the ‘Destroyer of Worlds ‘

      On Day 321, Year 6, Eon was murdered. Suicide has not been taken into account, for there is no evidence that he has a tool capable of doing so. Noted persons present around the time of death (about 17:40) are as follows: Eon, Phantasm, Yrthilian, Zleiphneir, JadenDew, Firsanthalas, Chewett, Eon Von Matterhorn, Peace, Shemhazaj, Ignnus, Maebius, and ChildOfTheSoul. There were likely others, however, I was not present during the event of his death, so I know no other names.

      I have spoken to each of these people, besides Eon Von Matterhorn. In the log provided by Phantasm, Maebius is quoted as saying, ‘Ahh, testing needles, or Stone Daggers? ‘ After speaking with him, he has confirmed this statement. After asking him if he guessed that the holder of the Stone Dagger murdered Eon, he said, ‘I was being slightly sarcastic in my question, and while I do not assume the holder of the dagger actually used it in killing Eon, I will admit the possibility crossed my mind, so I made that comment. ‘ However, when speaking to Ivorak Karovi, the current carrier of the Dagger, he claims to have not of been present when Eon passed, and denies killing him. When asking JadenDew and Peace if they knew of the whereabouts of Ivorak at that time, neither of them recalled him being there, but were unsure of their answers.

      There are a couple ways to kill in this realm. The first, by object. The second, by spell. To the extent of my knowledge, these are the only ways. I do not know who has/have the ability to cast killing spells, nor do others I have contacted. It is known that Ivorak Karovi, as I previously stated, carries the Stone Dagger, which has the ability to kill. However, it is highly unlikely he is the murderer, for he was not present anywhere near the time or location of Eon ‘s murder. Phantasm, leader of the Caretakers, carries a shovel, also with the ability to kill. Phantasm was present at the exact location and time of Eon ‘s death. He has also logged himself as saying, ‘Cast you out Eon, Destroyer of Worlds. ‘ Seconds later, Eon fell to the ground, dead. I do not doubt Phantasm is Eon ‘s murderer. Eon himself stated, when asked if he knew who his murderer was, ‘Yes, Phantasm did it. ‘ The needle points Phantasm ‘s way, his hands are stained red.

      Phantasm killed Eon, yes, but why? Phantasm has denied my request to answer questions over the subject, sending me to his log of the event of Eon ‘s death. Phantasm quoted himself as stating, ‘Resources from far and near have began to stream into this world. What new things will it bring? What will we use to create or destroy with all the wonders this world brings? For so long, content has been in hording and waiting for the day to put to use these things we hold. ‘ Phantasm mentions resources, things Eon has been accused of ‘hording. ‘ Phantasm called Eon the Destroyer of Worlds, presumably referring to Eon ‘s hording that Phantasm would claim is harmful to the environment and the community it supports.

      Eon, however, is no longer dead, for he has been resurrected. Several people took part in this event, including yours truly, with the main benefactor being Bob the Tree! Bob ‘s magic was required for Eon ‘s resurrection. I received a letter from Eon, requesting the following: ‘Would you be willing to help revive me? I would need you to come to a certain location and pretty much watch. ‘ I dozed off shortly after I was asked to be present, so I am unsure of the process of the resurrection. Others noted as being present are as follow: Pho Ra and Pipstickz. When I awoke from my slumber, Eon had returned and Bob was blooming.

      With this murder, there is a happy ending. The murdered lives, the murderer receives no punishment, and the cycle of life goes on. Now, who ‘s next?[/log]

      [log=Krioni]EON WAS DEAD

      The realm was in a state of confusion and intrigue last week when it was discovered that Eon had been struck down, only to return a couple days later. Considering the recent history with Eon’;s actions, many people crowded around the corpse discussing what exactly had happened and what was going to happen later. The first question many people had was simple, who killed Eon? The discussion prior to her death proves very provocative. Amongst the participants were Phantasm, Zleiphneir, Firsanthalas, Yrthilian, Chewett, and of course Eon herself. There was plenty of discussion between all members, but right before Eon died was a particular quote from Phantasm, saying, «Cast you out Eon, Destroyer of Worlds«; Eon promptly fell down dead after Phantasm’;s words. Yrthilian then attempted to teleport himself and Eon away from the area. Phantasm’;s preamble to the even made it clear that the different kings had gathered to maintain the «light» and therefore this «conglomerate» must had to this duty.
      The next two days were incredibly interesting for all citizens of Magicduel, as there was a constant crowd surrounding Eon’;s corpse. Amongst the normal fighting and training, everyone was discussing the dead body in the room. While Eon surely had stirred up talk, whispers, and even some agitated bickering before her death, she was now the constant topic for most keyed in to the current happenings. Eventually, Eon was resurrected after a couple days of death, most likely by one of her compatriots such as dst or even possibly Yrthilian, since he attempted to help him by teleporting earlier. Unfortunately, none of the previously mentioned participants were available to discuss the matter, and Eon herself seemed quite tight lipped. The only exception was Firsanthalas, but he seemed to be concerned with muffins more than Eon at the moment of his death anyway. Whatever the case, Eon was sprung in to an even greater celebrity status, and continues to March around Magicduel and stir up heated discussions amongst its inhabitants. [/log]

      [log=Jolla] Read all about it, Eon slain and then resurrected!!!
      Eon was DEAD……….the “Ultimate Grinder” was no more. A mighty warrior, who rarely spoke except to sell or buy the occasional this or that, was slain on “The Day of Change”. A pact was made by the King of present (Kings of Loreroot Firsanthales and Golemus Yrthilian) and Eon was no more. Phantasm, pointed at Eon and said, “Cast you out Eon Destroyer of worlds”. Those also present were, Zleiphneir, Peace, Chewett and Jaden Dew.
      The news of Eon’s death spread like wildfire. People shouted with joy, “No more Eon, Eon’s dead!” During what some thought was a celebration, there were those that thought it was cruel to do to anyone. Assisting DST for a resurrection ritual, in no particular order……………..MRAlyon, Lord Jaguar, Darkraptor, ZenTao, Grido, Pipstickz and last but certainly not least Bob the tree. Grateful to all that put performed such an act. Eon gave tokens of appreciation to the saviors, passing resources to each of them. Afterwards, Bob bloomed.

      [i]<Note from Editor: here was an image of Bob blooming. Removed as it is a spoiler, but was a great >[/i]
    • By ZenTao
      [indent=1][size=3][color=#000080][font=georgia, serif]ʘ[/font][/color][color=#FF0000][font=georgia, serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/color][color=#FFFF00][font=georgia, serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/color][color=#00FF00][font=georgia, serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/color][color=#008080][font=georgia, serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/color][color=#DAA520][font=georgia, serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/color][/size][font=comic sans ms,cursive][font=georgia,serif][size=5][size=3] ~~[/size][color=#ff0000][size=4][b]Holiday Scene and Creature Makeover Contest[/b][/size][/color][size=3][b]~~[/b][/size][/size][/font][/font][size=3][color=#00ffff][font=comic sans ms,cursive][font=georgia,serif]ʘ[/font][/font][/color][color=#008080][font=comic sans ms,cursive][font=georgia,serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/font][/color][color=#800080][font=comic sans ms,cursive][font=georgia,serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/font][/color][color=#000080][font=comic sans ms,cursive][font=georgia,serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/font][/color][color=#ff0000][font=comic sans ms,cursive][font=georgia,serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/font][/color][color=#ffff00][font=comic sans ms,cursive][font=georgia,serif]Ⱦʘ[/font][/font][/color][/size][/indent]

      [size=4][font=georgia,serif]You may have noticed there are many artistic contests going on right now. Well, here's another and its aimed at the graphic artists out there. Knowledge of Photoshop or other equivalent programs/software is always good but not necessary. You can simply use Windows Paint or download Gimp which is free, and wonderful![/font][/size]

      [b]Either dress up a MD scene with Xmas decor, such as [font=georgia, serif]Xmas[/font][font=georgia, serif][size=4] trees, ornaments, gifts, tinsel anything Xmas related or have MD creatures dressed up as Xmas type characters OR even put them in the scenes, its up to you! Just make sure to add the "MD" in there and don't use anything but your own creations in the scenes and on the creatures- Graphics only no drawings UNLESS you use a program such as paint to do so.[/size][/font] [font=georgia,serif]You may use colors not normally found in MD or stick to the traditional look.Post them here when done![/font][/b]


      [b][color=#ff0000]Okay, rule updates in order-- Allowing Xmas decor from stock images with no copyright! So if its tinsel, a tree, gifts, Santa hat ornaments, stalkings then you may use it but only the decor! If you want to put people in the scenes, I hope you took the pictures of the people/ babies yourself you MAY update your picture to meet the rules! Thanks [/color][/b][/indent]

      [indent=1]I made this with the idea that those of us who are not the best drawers could show another way of being creative, so again,
      [b][font=georgia, serif][size=4] Graphics only no drawings UNLESS you use a program such as paint to do so...[/size][/font][/b][/indent]

      [left][left] [/left][/left]
      [left][left]I will allow as many submissions as you awesome artists wish to come up with, I enjoy seeing your creations and it is neat to see how other people manipulate the scenes/creatures to their liking.[color=#008000][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif] [/font][/color][b][color=#008000]BUT, If you choose to do more then one submission you must tell me by December 24th( BY midnight) and no later which one submission you want to represent you at the polls.[/color] [color=#FF0000]If you fail to let me know which submission you want to represent you by the time I have stated, I will have no choice but to choose it for you and you may not like it the best. [/color][/b][color=#FF0000][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]That being said, I hope you have a great time doing this, So far the pictures are awesome![/font][/color]

      [left][left] [/left][/left]
      Contest will run starting today and end on Christmas.

      [b][color=#0000ff] Prizes will be given Jan 1st after a 5 day poll has been conducted and winners voted on.[/color][/b]

      [indent=1][font=georgia,serif][b]{ [/b][color=#B22222][b]1st through 7th place awards are as follows}[/b][/color][/font][/indent]

      [indent=1][font=georgia,serif][size=3][color=#ff0000][b] 1st- 1 gold + shop Joker 1 wishpoint and Morph[/b][/color][/size][/font][/indent]

      [indent=1][size=3][color=#ff0000][b] [font=georgia, serif]2nd[/font][font=georgia,serif]-5 silver + Shop Armour 2008 edition, and a Morph[/font]

      3rd- 3 silver shop Shop Armour 2008 edition/ or if you wish 2 candy and the Armour and a Morph[/b][/color][/size]

      [size=3][b][font=georgia,serif] 4th- 1 silver and a morph

      5th- 1 silver and a morph[/font][/b][/size]

      [size=3][b][font=georgia,serif] 6th- 1 silver and a morph

      7th- 1 silver and a Morph[/font][/b][/size][/indent]

      [indent=1]Sponsored by[/indent]

      [indent=1][b][font=georgia, serif]Mur has offered one Morph to the top 7 artists![/font][/b]

      [b][font=georgia, serif]Treasure Keepers is donating 1 wishpoint[/font][/b][/indent]

      [b][font=georgia, serif]ZenTao will provide the rest[/font][/b][/indent]
      [indent=1][b][font=georgia, serif][IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/219o3le.jpg[/IMG][/font][/b]

      [b][font=georgia, serif]Merry Christmas Magic Duel[/font][/b][/indent]
    • By Rumi
      I am announcing the first artwork quest of the community garden project. A number of artists have offered to contribute to the community garden project, but as of yet the only contributed artwork has been the drawing of a single flower. (an excellent drawing by Marvolo, I might add)

      This artwork quest will require several pieces to be contributed, and the reward will be a wishpoint if the work meets my expectations.

      The goal of this first artwork quest is to bring to life the work of the previous design quest winner, Brulant, who designed the pond area of the garden. His work can be found at the bottom of the first page of the Community Garden Plant List:


      Completion of the artwork quest requires the following series of drawings:

      One drawing of each plant listed in Brulant's design
      A drawing of the windmill
      A drawing of the greenhouse
      A drawing of the aeration stream (including water-filtration plants)
      A drawing of the entire pond/greenhouse area, including all plants and elements (dimensional proportion should be the same as an MD scene)


      Feel free to add new plants or elements if they come to you.

      Please look through the Community Garden Design thread to gain an understanding of the function of the various garden elements.

      All drawings must be black and white pencil in the relative style of MD.
      Bear in mind this entire area of the garden is representative of Marind Bell, and the use of MB symbolism is encouraged.

      Post your drawings as you finish each one. I may have comments, concerns, suggestions about each one. Some drawings may need to be tweaked to fit the design. Others may need to be redrawn.

      The deadline for a first drawing to be submitted is the final day of year 6 (12/31/2011). There is currently no deadline for the completion of this quest.

      If anyone wishes to sponsor this quest with lesser rewards, they will be given out for the individual drawings, with the wishpoint being given for the completed quest.

      I encourage everyone, including those with little artistic experience, to participate. Each area of the garden will undergo this kind of quest, and a little practice now may help you win a wishpoint later if you do not win now.

      Thanks for your important contribution and good luck!
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