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With the newly added feature of Slaves, I have decided that we celebrate this feature with surrendering our free will to be slaves of others! :D

So, (as the previous years before have) I am looking for individuals willing to allow themselves to be sold into slavery!

So, this is how it works:

You put yourself up for auction; you get sold to your new Master. Your new Master pays me ( Seigheart ), and then I deliver your Master's funds for Santa to random people in the street!

Slaves must then make toys, gifts, or nuclear bombs for their new master. It's the way things work. You have to do something for them. :)

(Slaves will get a small bonus at the end for being good slaves. Maybe some hay to sleep on.)

So, if you wish to be auctioned off, please post your Character name, and a short blurb on yourself. :)

Current Slaves to be Sold:

Fang Archbane
Hedge Munos
Princess Katt

Auction will be held on the 9th at 16:00 (for sure this time :D)

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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1329442187' post='104491'] Okay... sue me then. [/quote] don't tempt me

I protest. i wanted to participate and to buy a slave. I would have payed from the beginning more then double it was sold. I arrived at first term of the auction and I wanted to buy. They refused

i haven't!!! lol..how can i deny now this (when i myself abduct people) but wont happen again, i shall increase my security after this OMG i am a slave.....

[quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1328202331' post='103196']
seriously???????????? seigh... good try, who would want to buy dead person.... technically ya are sellin yourself so your master could pull you around the realm since ya cant move... :D wut possible use as slave can ya provide? :D

Comic entertainment. Or maybe biological weapon. Just drag him to where the crowds are and watch them scatter!

On a more serious note, I'll participate :))
I don't cook, clean, or like to run errands, but I will talk your ear off about… anything. ;)
Also, I sleep a lot.

If you want to know all of the things I can do, you'll just have to purchase me.

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[quote name='samon' timestamp='1328207923' post='103203']
I don't know how to use MD Script yet, but I do know a bit of HTML and plan on learning it once I have some more free time.

Good enough when I can I will post a pre-bid and if I can make it to the auction I will however my schedule does not look all that free.

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[quote name='Chengmingz' timestamp='1328226604' post='103226']
Buy me and I will be your best friend.


A possible soon to be regent attempting to be sold into slavery. Wow it seems like the more important people want to be sold. Imagine the power of having a regent your slave.

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