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Mouth full

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This one is just for fun. Just like alcoholic beverages make you speak like a drunkard for some time, edible items (cookies, pickles, candies, etc.) could make you talk with your mouth full for a couple minutes. The duration could depend on the item, e.g. very short for a pickle, longer for a candy since you don't swallow it at once. This could be achieved by replacing some consonants in chat:

"This idea is useless" -> "Jish igea ij ujelesh"

... or something like that? (Non-native speaker here, there are probably better replacements)

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well unlike being drunk... which lasts quite long irl, this one lasts only until ya swallow it.. so 1 min or so and it shouldnt stack... if ya ate one candy and ya are eating second one, effect from first one shouldnt count since ya already chewetted and swallowed that one...

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