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Hedge Munos

WTS Tainted Angien

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Well, I've decided to sell my creatures again, and go for the ones I desperately want. So, eat your heart out ;)

[b]I'm selling for coins (Silver/silver notes; gold/gold notes)[/b]

[b]Pimp 3:[/b]
[b]ID: 753294[/b]
[b]Stored Heat: 42056[/b]
[b]Age: 65[/b]
[b]Reserve: 1sc[/b]

[b]ID: 696606[/b]
[b]Stored Heat: 1469[/b]
[b]Age: 244[/b]
[b]Reserve: 10sc[/b]

[b]ID: 754366[/b]
[b]Stored Heat: 26803[/b]
[b]Age: 45[/b]
[b]Reserve: 3sc[/b]

[b][b]ID:[/b] 693159[/b]
[b][b]Stored Heat:[/b] 97206[/b]
[b][b]Age:[/b] 224[/b]
[b][b]Reserve: 13gc[/b][/b]

[b]ID: 674350[/b]
[b]Stored Heat: 53221[/b]
[b]Age: 247[/b]
[b]Reserve: 4gc[/b]


[b]Also selling:[/b]

[b]24 tea (C/O: 1gc)[/b]

[b]I reserve the right not to sell if I think offers are too low.[/b]

[b]This will end on Day 41, if inactivity[/b]


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[quote name='Sunfire' timestamp='1327495013' post='102271']
rein 1gold
[quote name='Hedge Munos' timestamp='1327244611' post='101829']
[b][b]ID:[/b] 693159[/b]
[b][b]Stored Heat:[/b] 97206[/b]
[b][b]Age:[/b] 213[/b]
[color=#0000ff][b][b]Reserve: 13gc[/b][/b][/color]

Just pointing out that reserve is the minimum bid :)

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zleiph is right... however reserve is somethin that should be known only to seller... otherwise its pointless and acts as minimum bid, cuz its known that seller wont sell it for less than that hence no point in bidding lower

in short in this case reserve is min bid

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A reserve is not always secret and only defines what someone will sell at. It is NEVER a minimum bid, people can bid war each other or you learn that your idea of value and the market rate at present do not match and pull the item based on that. Calling it a minimum bid gives the wrong impression of what it is.


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zleiph, ofc its never a min bid, but this is md, and only time imo when ya might want to say reserve value is when ya are puttin up somethin thats new on market or some antique of yet undetermined price or somethin like that, but value on tainted is already known, so in case like this and in community like this... :D i still think this one can be safely called min bid :D although technically its not

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    • By Hedge Munos
      ID: 668618
      Age: 1684
      Heat: 195530
      ID: 736404
      Age: 1489
      Heat: 332690
      Also free pimp if you want it
    • By Aeoshattr
      WTB 1x Rusty. Don't care about age, interested in tokens it has.
      Resolved. Nothing for now, will update as necessary
    • By Hedge Munos

      This post will be updated with things needed to be sold. I should appreciate it if one would not post an offer then retract it (though I can not prevent it), so bid wisely.

      Note: Some of the creatures are on my alt (the coins/items/etc. will not benefit 'Hedge the Green')


      Imperial Aramor:
      ID: 746692
      Age: 111
      Heat: 7996
      Tokens: Claw I

      Pimped Grasan:
      ID: 753294
      Age: 127
      Heat: 44606
      Tokens: None

      Joker 1:
      ID: 754366
      Age: 106
      Heat: 25678
      Tokens: None

      Joker 2:
      ID: 770580
      Age: 41
      Heat: 6 (1gc just for the load of heat on it)
      Tokens: None

      Joker 3:
      ID: 730052
      Age: 136
      Heat: 1235209
      Tokens: None


      Chaos Archer:
      ID: 490899
      Age: 1052
      Heat: 573627
      Tokens: None

      Dark Archer III:
      ID: 496950
      Age: 1044
      Heat: 145287
      Tokens: None

      Master Lorerootian Archer:
      ID: 551546
      Age: 956
      Heat: 462099
      Tokens: None

      Grasan II:
      ID: 672902
      Age: 550
      Heat: 95006
      Tokens: None

      Toxicodendrite Seed 1:
      ID: 747437
      Age: 169
      Heat: 297
      Tokens: None

      Toxicodendrite Seed 2:
      ID: 747439
      Age: 169
      Heat: 1409
      Tokens: None

      Young Savage Knator 1:
      ID: 747441
      Age: 169
      Heat: 1402
      Tokens: None

      Young Savage Knator 2:
      ID: 747442
      Age: 169
      Heat: 2245
      Tokens: None

      Elemental I:
      ID: 747756
      Age: 168
      Heat: 150
      Tokens: None

      Joker 4:
      ID: 762327
      Age: 72
      Heat: 0
      Tokens: None

      - Turn to frog stone (Current Offer: 2 spell stones = 5sc -- Don't have much interest in those spell stones)

      Note: Coins are preferred, but I receive an offer that is not in coin, it will be followed by my value, in coins, of that offer.

      [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=4095"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=4095[/url] Min: 5sc

    • By Rumi
      Age 100

      [quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1307817618' post='86103']
      ya ppl who make auctions should make dutch type of auctions, meaning ya start with very high price and then ya start lowering it, meaning sale would have only one bid, and as soon bid is made deal is done, and there wouldnt be any misunderstandings since bidder has no time to lose his money somewhere else [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif[/img]

      I'm going to auction a reindrach in the manner suggested by Liberty. The price will periodically drop until the reindrach is sold.

      The opening sale is 13 gc.
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