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Selling Archers

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[s][color=#0000cd]#1 Sharpie : Heat - 240k[/color][/s]
[s][color=#0000cd] Age - 200[/color][/s]
[s][color=#0000cd] [/color][/s]

[s][color=#0000cd]#2 Sharpie : Heat -[b] [/b]240k[/color][/s]
[s][color=#0000cd] Age - 200[/color][/s]
[color=#0000cd] [/color]

[s]#1 BP : Age - 171[/s]

[s]#2 BP : Age - 300[/s]
[s] Heat - 176k[/s]

[s]No tokens on either, I don't accept resources or other creatures (Exept SoulWeaver).[/s]

[s]it will close when ever I wish, thank you[/s]

Sold. Topic closed O.o thank you Edited by Quashen

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    • By ignnus
      2 Bps with 100 age-----highest offer 70 mineral water

      1 Tormented soul 250 age

      bid until tomorrow
    • By Ratbert
      I want to sell the following creatures:

      #1. Unholy Priest with 700+ age and claw3 token[b] ( Highest Bid = duxie )[/b]

      #2. Unholy Priest with 300+ age and stardust, claw2 token [b]( Highest Bid = duxie )[/b]

      #3. Sharptear with 150+ age

      #4. Rusty with 370+ age and 20 tokens = [color=#662211] [/color] [osirisbelt, onyxfangs, darkshield, claw3, goldbelt, claw1, claw2, stardust, blooddrop2, blooddrop1, antifreeze, blackdiamonds,
      kellethafire, emeraldglare, firedrop, enlightning, darksky, blacktear, blooddrop3, goldtear]
      [b] ( Highest Bidder = stavaroiu = 11 gc )[/b]

      - Bidding will last until 15th January.
      - I only accept coins
      - If am not satisfied with offer, I have right not to sell
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